Jason Aaron's Star Wars comics mentioned "the Hundred Years' Darkness," a key event in galactic history in Legends, where the Sith ruled. It is not a continuation from the Dark Horse Star Wars series. Updated weekly with the latest editions. Filters. To make this list a little easier to follow, I will list the books and comics as they take place throughout the canon movie timeline (all movies will be in bold). By, Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca. List View Grid View. Star Wars Vol. A frequently updated list of every Star Wars comic series in the official canon. The new Star Wars expanded novel universe that includes all Star Wars novels and media created after the "Legends" re-branding of the old EU. In 2014, the old EU was rebranded as Star Wars Legends and had its canon status stripped. Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith: Legacy's End. After George Lucas concluded his original trilogy with Return of the Jedi, Star Wars fans didn’t know when they would ever get new stories from the Star Wars Universe. Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars series issues 17-20. The question of what is and isn't canon in Star Wars is a murky one, simply because there's much content out there. Goodnight Darth Vader and its sequel Darth Vader and Friends. Before Lucas continued his epic saga with a trilogy of prequels, and before the latest trilogy was announced, the Star Wars Legends existed as a means to expand on the Star Wars Universe with novels, video games, and comic … Star Wars Canon Comics Series: Best to Worst List items. Darth Vader. Comic strips published in Star Wars Comic UK #5-#13. /r/StarWarsCanon is a discussion of all things related to the Star Wars canon as established by the Lucasfilm Story Group. All novels here are published in collaboration with the Lucasfilm Story Group, and are canon with the films and animated TV series'. I will also list when each was or will be released. These are the only comics currently considered canon. 1. Display. The best Canon Star Wars comic timeline in the galaxy. The High Republic Adventures Feb. 2021 - Present. 5: Yoda’s Secret War, by Jason Aaron, Salvador Larroca, Kelly Thompson, and Emilio Laiso Though presented as a flashback, this 2017 story is the first one to take us back to a time prior to Episode I, even if just.Yoda is called to a planet of child warriors in the middle of a … Let's talk about the novels, comics, short stories, TV shows, movies, and reference books. The Canon Star Wars Timeline. This reading order contains all the Star Wars comics published since Marvel reacquired the license from Dark Horse. On December 2014 they bid adieu to 28,353 pages of comics and the Star Wars … The following material, although released after April 25, 2014, is not considered canon: Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 issues 15-18. Comic book publisher Dark Horse has been heavily involved in the Star Wars universe for the last decade. Darth Vader #1-#6. Sort by. Star Wars Comic Series . Options. Flaming destruction is coming to Trymant IV! So, here you go the Star Wars canon book timeline: For years, of course, all the licensed Star Wars TV shows, spinoff movies, comic books, video games and novels outside of The Skywalker Saga films, the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie and subsequent series encompassed what was known as the Expanded Universe. Complete with every Canon Star Wars comic ever written. In January of 2015, Marvel published a range of new Star Wars comics series in line with the new canon … Star Wars: Rebel Heist comic miniseries. 2. See Also: Best New Star Wars Books Best New Star Wars Canon Books

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