[56] The NHC did not initiate advisories until 2100 UTC, when a reconnaissance aircraft observed winds of 63 mph (101 km/h) in association with the small circulation of Emily. [81], In Florida, precipitation peaked at 10.24 in (260 mm) in Naples. Quelle liste des 23 joueurs de l’équipe de France ? - The 1999 Atlantic hurricane season had five Category 4 hurricanes – the highest number recorded in a single season in the Atlantic basin, later tied in 2005.The season officially began on June 1, and ended on November 30. [49], In the Bahamas, Dennis produced moderate winds, rain, and storm surge on San Salvador, Crooked Island, Eleuthera, and Abaco Islands, resulting in damage to roofs and coastal properties. - Grâce à une bévue du gardien russe à deux minutes de la fin du match, l'Ukraine a fait match nul (1-1) à Moscou ce qui fait l'affaire de la France qui termine ainsi première du groupe 4 (avec 21 points, devant l'Ukraine 20 et la Russie 19) et se qualifie directement pour la phase finale de l'Euro 2000 en évitant les barrages prévus pour départager les seconds des poules. The system moved over the Yucatán Peninsula on July 1, a day before emerging into the Bay of Campeche as a weak low pressure area. [12], Late on August 18, a tropical wave in the Bay of Campeche spawned Tropical Depression Three. Six hours later, Floyd made landfall near Alice Town on Eleuthera with winds of 120 mph (195 km/h), around the time that the cyclone began moving north-northwestward. [109], A broad area of low pressure associated with remnants of a cold front developed into Tropical Depression Fifteen in the southwestern Caribbean Sea on October 28. La différence, on la voit là. France, France [1], Gray and his team at CSU issued their initial season outlook on December 4, 1998, predicting fourteen named storms, nine hurricanes, and four major hurricanes. LIZARAZU Bixente. Deviendra-t-il l’avant-centre des Bleus ? Eux, ils ont l’expérience. Hugo Lloris, gardien et capitaine inamovible de l’Equipe de France, Équipe de France. F1i Magazine, la Formule 1 sur internet depuis 1999. Retraité dans son Médoc natal, Lilian Laslandes, ancien attaquant de l’équipe de France, avait connu sa dernière sélection contre l’Islande (3-2) au Stade de France, il y a vingt ans. Around this time, Dennis began to move parallel to the Southeastern United States. - [24], A low pressure area developed into a tropical depression about 175 mi (280 km) south of the Cayman Islands at 18:00 UTC on November 13. - [53] Similar inland flooding occurred in northern and eastern Virginia,[49] with precipitation reaching 10.21 in (259 mm) near Lawrenceville. [3], On April 7, CSU noted that the probability of a major hurricane landfall in the United States was 72%, including a 54% chance on the East Coast and a 40% likelihood on the Gulf Coast. Later that day, Lenny peaked as a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 155 mph (250 km/h) and a minimum pressure of 933 mbar (27.6 inHg) while near Saint Croix. - Shortly thereafter, Floyd transitioned into an extratropical cyclone while interacting with a frontal zone over Maine. Deaths in parentheses are additional and indirect (an example of an indirect death would be a traffic accident), but are still storm-related. [21] ACE is, broadly speaking, a measure of the power of the hurricane multiplied by the length of time it existed, so storms that last a long time, as well as particularly strong hurricanes, have high ACEs. Votre e-mail est collecté par le Groupe SIPA Ouest-France pour recevoir nos actualités. [49] Generally minor flooding occurred in the Mid-Atlantic and New England. - En fait je me souviens plus du 1-1 en Islande, dans un stade champêtre… Je venais en équipe de France quand Henry ou Trezeguet étaient blessés, ou qu’il manquait un attaquant. Hors foot, j’ai un restaurant sur Bordeaux, je suis aussi associé avec Rio Mavuba et Marc Planus à la gestion d’un club privé. The World Meteorological Organization retired the names Floyd & Lenny in the spring of 2000 and replaced them with Franklin & Lee for use in the 2005 season. Développez votre audience, améliorez la visibilité et notoriété de votre site, Téléchargez gratuitement les applications, Les applications mobiles du groupe SIPA Ouest-France disponibles en téléchargement, Lilian Laslandes a connu les Bleus, notamment contre l'Islande lors des éliminatoires de l'Euro 2000. The season officially began on June 1, and ended on November 30. 0 À Nantes, une patiente vomit un ver de 20 cm aux urgences, Disparition d’une femme de 18 ans en Isère. [38] Banding features gradually increased as outflow improved,[39] and late on August 21, Cindy became a hurricane. 2 In Sint Maarten, mudslides and flooding damaged houses and roads, especially those in low-lying areas. Crée un compte sur Transfermarkt, et c’est parti. 0, 3 Ahead of and during each hurricane season, various national meteorological services, scientific agencies, and noted hurricane experts issue forecasts of hurricane activity. After striking the Abaco Islands in the Bahama, conditions improved, allowing for Dennis to strengthen into a Category 2 by August 28. 90', GUDJOHNSEN Eidur Smari [47] Turning northward, the storm remained at peak intensity until August 30, when prominent wind shear weakened Cindy again. Aujourd’hui encore, quand je vois passer des ballons devant le but, avec personne au bout pour la mettre au fond… Ça, je peux le juger, car c’est une sensation que j’ai vécue. Je me rappelle même ce que me dit le copain quand il vient me féliciter… Quand les filets tremblent, que vous faites lever le stade, pendant une minute vous êtes ailleurs. 29', SIGURDSSON Helgi [80] The remnants reached Atlantic Canada before dissipating on September 24. Bret then moved generally northward and strengthened into a hurricane early on August 21. There were sporadic reports of tropical storm-force winds throughout the state,[55] as well as two tornadoes, neither of which caused left severe impact. By the following day, steering currents collapsed and the storm interacted with a cold front, causing Dennis to move erratically offshore North Carolina. [42], By August 23, high wind shear remained, and the storm's winds decreased to 60 mph (100 km/h). - Flooding also damage five bridges in Honduras, and the cities of Tocoa and Trujillo were isolated as the Aguán and Siline rivers overflowed their banks. Par contre, Mbappé pur avant-centre avec le jeu de dos, dévier des ballons, les garder, couper les trajectoires, pas encore. Pour lui le plus dur reste à venir. [4] In subsequent outlooks from Gray and his associates in April, June, and August, the predictions were unchanged. Islande, Islande [98], A tropical wave entered the Atlantic on October 8 and developed into a tropical depression while located 700 mi (1,100 km) east of the Windward Islands on October 17. On October 19, the hurricane transitioned into an extratropical cyclone near Newfoundland and was absorbed by an extratropical low shortly thereafter. [55] Overall damage in North Carolina and Virginia totaled about $157 million. [51] In Carteret, Craven, and Dare counties, the storm damaged at least 2,025 homes and businesses to some degree. Harvey then accelerated across Florida and by early on September 22, merged with a developing extratropical low while located near Grand Bahama. [101][102] The storm brought flooding to Florida, particularly the southern portion of the state, where 17.45 in (443 mm) of rain fell in Boynton Beach. Browse and search all obituaries recently posted on OBITUARe.com. On the following day, the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Dennis despite unfavorable westerly shear, which became a hurricane by August 26. The system eventually emerged into the Gulf of Mexico and developed into Tropical Depression Eleven on October 4. It gradually weakened due to wind shear while moving through the Leeward Islands, where it struck Saint Martin, Anguilla, and Saint Barthélemy. 0 France-Islande (4-0) : les stats de la victoire, Communication et Promotion de l'Arbitrage, Textes votés par l’AG FFF du 26 juin 2020, Textes votés par le COMEX du 22 juin 2020, Collège des Autres Acteurs du Football Amateur, Sections Sportives Scolaires à Filière Arbitrage, 0 May/June 1999 Napoleon, the most well-known emperor of modern Europe, may have died in ignominy after being imprisoned for six years on the remote South Atlantic island of St. Helena, but his eventual return to France (in a casket) involved a spectacular and famous sea voyage. [11] The season featured a record-breaking five Category 4 hurricanes,[15] later tied in 2005. [120][121] Names that were not assigned are marked in gray. [14], A broad trough of low pressure developed into a tropical depression while south of the Isle of Youth on October 12. [107] Flooding in Saint Kitts and Nevis washed out several major roads and caused landslides. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin. [8] On June 1, TSR predicted that there would be 12 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes. Six hours later, the storm was absorbed into Cindy northeast of the Leeward Islands. Mais finalement, c’est Eduardo », Ligue des Nations. Composition; Détail des buts; Historique; composition France Joueurs titulaires. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. The depression initially tracked due northward and strengthened into Tropical Storm Harvey by early on September 20. 1 Early on August 30, the storm peaked with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph (165 km/h) and a minimum barometric pressure of 962 mbar (28.4 inHg). [49] An 8 ft (2.4 m) deep channel created along Highway 12 isolated three towns on Hatteras Island. [67] Accelerating northeastward under the influence of an approaching trough,[75] Gert weakened to a tropical storm on September 23 after convection decreased around the center. Avez-vous encore des rêves dans le foot ? Ma mère m’a fait un DVD de tous mes buts pour un anniversaire, et chaque fois que je les regarde, c’est comme si j’étais encore sur le terrain. [57] Increased wind shear generated by Hurricane Cindy caused Emily to weaken slightly on August 25. Vous souvenez-vous de votre dernière sélection en équipe de France, en octobre 1999 contre l’Islande (3-2) au Stade de France, le match qui envoie in extremis les Bleus à l’Euro 2000 ? [7] In their outlook on May 27, experts at NOAA noted that an above average season was a strong possibility. (, Southeastern United States, Atlantic Canada, This page was last edited on 4 September 2020, at 22:56. At 00:00 UTC on June 17, Arlene was downgraded to a tropical depression. Que devenez-vous, onze ans après la fin de votre carrière pro ? About 7,000 homes were destroyed and an additional 56,000 suffered damage, of which 17,000 houses were left uninhabitable. [67] An eyewall replacement cyclone, as well as increasing wind shear and an upper-level trough restricting outflow later on,[71][72] Gert weakened to a low-end Category 3 on September 18. The depression drifted and was initially hampered by wind shear. Je pense que c’est pareil pour la génération d’aujourd’hui, mais auront-ils la même force de caractère après ? Floyd moved along the coasts of the Delmarva Peninsula and New Jersey, before striking Long Island in New York early on September 17. [98] Four fatalities were reported. Quand ça arrive en match, vous savez précisément le geste à faire, vous avez l’habitude, la confiance, les repères. [64], Flooding in Virginia damaged about 182 businesses and 9,250 houses, and left about 12 ft (3.7 m) of standing water in Franklin. Five people died from walking through electrified water after a power line fell, while three others drowned after unintentionally driving their vehicle into a canal. [25] After moving inland, the storm weakened quickly, falling to tropical depression status on August 24. [13] The storm caused heavy rainfall in Mexico, with as much as 17.43 in (443 mm) falling in Ciudad Mante in the state of Tamaulipas. With low pressures and gradually organizing convection, Tropical Depression Four developed west of Senegal early on August 19. Il me disait : « J’ai besoin de ressentir ça… » En chambre, il était avec Nino Saveljic (ancien défenseur des Girondins)… Rien qu’au son de la télé, Nino savait quel but passait ! Tropical Depression Eleven in October contributed to extreme flooding in Mexico, which left 636 people dead and caused $491.3 million in damage, though impact could not be distinguished from the storm itself. The depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Emily six hours later. 2 Mais cela ne fait que deux ans qu’il marque des buts à haut niveau. - With Sarah Holland, Pax Lohan, Anthony Booth, Christopher Benjamin. The following names were used during the 1999 Atlantic hurricane season in North Atlantic for systems that reached at least tropical storm intensity. Lilian Laslandes : « En 1998, je me suis imaginé à la place de Guivarc’h… », Covid-19. At 00:00 UTC on August 23, Bret made landfall in central Padre Island, Texas, as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 mph (185 km/h). An addition to a La Niña, vertical wind shear would be decreased across much of the Caribbean Sea and tropical Atlantic Ocean, and a favorable jet pattern for tropical waves to develop into tropical cyclones. Suivez la rencontre en direct à partir de 20h. Covid-19 : 4 000 cas et 81 décès supplémentaires en France, Soudan. Islande, France A surface trough over the central and eastern Gulf of Mexico prevented significant strengthening. Euro 2020. Irene was the second–costliest storm of the season, with about $800 million in damage. +France - Islande. Les Bleus rencontreront l’Ukraine, le Portugal et la Croatie au mois d’octobre. 09/10/1999 2 BLANC Laurent. 2, 2 By late on August 19, the depression was upgraded to Tropical Storm Bret amid more favorable atmosphere conditions. Following an increase in convection, the system became a tropical depression at 06:00 UTC on September 19. [105] Nearly 15 in (380 mm) of rain and winds up to 100 mph (160 km/h) in Anguilla left roads impassable and power outages, and damaged houses, crops, and shipping facilities. [44] By late on August 25, Cindy regained hurricane status. Six deaths occurred in the state. [66] Overall, Floyd caused about $6.5 billion in damage and 73 fatalities. La fin des extensions payantes sur Google Chrome, Le Spitz nain ou Loulou de Poméranie, un chien à la frimousse craquante, Bricolage. The depression remained below tropical storm intensity, attaining its peak intensity on October 5, with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph (55 km/h) and a minimum barometric pressure of 1,002 mbar (29.6 inHg). Quand j’étais à Bordeaux, Jean-Pierre Papin se repassait tous ses buts. Non, aucune amertume. Je ressens exactement la même chose. By 18:00 UTC, the low developed into Tropical Depression Two. [5], As stated by NOAA and CSU, an average Atlantic hurricane season between 1981–2010 contains roughly 12 tropical storms, 6 hurricanes, 3 major hurricanes, and an Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) Index of 66–103 units. [49] Two indirect deaths occurred in Richlands during a weather-related car accident. Événements de l'année 1999 en France.. Événements Janvier. Significant storm damage occurred as far south as Grenada, where high surf isolated towns from the capital city.[117]. [50] Dennis brought 6–8 ft (1.8–2.4 m) waves to the east coast of Florida, causing minor erosion and four drowning deaths. Hurricane Lenny was an unusual eastward–moving storm in the Caribbean Sea and a strong late–season storm. Vous avez connu ces moments parfois difficiles à gérer, entre un titre mondial et une qualification à aller chercher pour l’Euro…. [24] In some areas, up to 12.49 in (317 mm) of precipitation fell in 24 hours. It is only calculated for full advisories on tropical systems at or exceeding 34 knots (39 mph, 63 km/h) or tropical storm strength. Navigation Division 1 1997-1998 Division 1 1999-2000 modifier Le Championnat de France de football 1998-1999 a vu la victoire de Bordeaux , victoire acquise lors de la toute dernière journée lorsque Bordeaux l'emporte au Parc des Princes (3 buts à 2) alors que son dauphin Marseille bat le FC Nantes (1 but à 0). Fati, Camavinga, Foden… Ils ont fait leurs débuts en sélection cette semaine, Attaque de Paris. Accrochage entre l’armée et un groupe rebelle du Darfour, ENTRETIEN. Due to forecasts that the depression would strengthen to a tropical storm, the government of Mexico issued a tropical storm warning for Tampico to Matamoros, Tamaulipas. 1 France, France [34] On August 31, Cindy was downgraded to a tropical storm,[48] and later that day it merged with a large extratropical storm northwest of the Azores. By September 4, Dennis turned northwestward and made landfall in Cape Lookout, North Carolina, as a strong tropical storm. The depression strengthened and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Floyd on the following day. [26] Strong winds left approximately 64,000 people without electricity in South Texas. 0 Later that day, it passed about 115 mi (185 km) east of Bermuda,[10] where gale-force winds and abnormally high tides were observed. Thereafter, the storm began to weaken while curving west-northwestward. [62] Although millions of people in Florida evacuated, damage was relatively minor. [24] At least 200 homes and large agricultural fields were flooded in Duval County. 60. Il a les épaules pour gérer tout ça. 2 Thirty-five fatalities and about $4 billion in damage occurred in North Carolina. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) Wind shear and cold air associated with the front weakened Dennis to a tropical storm on September 1 and removed some of its tropical characteristics. [40] Afterward, increased wind shear dislocated the convection from the center,[41] which weakened Cindy to a tropical storm. While north of Puerto Rico on October 22, Jose re-curved northeastward. [24] On the island, the hurricane killed three people and destroyed more than 200 properties. Le 12 mai, déclenchement de l'affaire David Hirschmann : un étudiant d'HEC Paris écrit à tous les élèves un message électronique dans lequel il se plaint de l'absence de réponse d'un cabinet de recrutement. - Fixée sur son groupe pour l'Euro 2020, l’équipe de France aura deux matches amicaux en mars. [67] After increases in intensity, banding features, and outflow improvement,[68] the depression was upgraded to Tropical Storm Gert on September 12 while moving west-northwestward to the south of a subtropical ridge. It continued northwestward across Nicaragua and Honduras, before reemerging into the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras on October 31. 78391 spectateurs. Ils peuvent louper l’Euro, ils devraient quand même se retrouver après. [114] Despite the hurricane's passage near Saint Croix at peak intensity,[17] damage on the small island was only described as "moderate", although there was widespread flooding and erosion. Early on September 15, Floyd weakened to a Category 3 hurricane and passed 110 mi (180 km) offshore Florida. Thereafter, the storm rapidly weakened and was a tropical storm by early on the following day. [55], A tropical wave ahead of Hurricane Cindy exited the west coast of Africa on August 15. Quelques Bleus de Didier Deschamps ont profité des éliminatoires pour se montrer et postulent à un ticket. DESAILLY Marcel. Ce match n’a été suivi par personne d’autre. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin. 2, 3 [10], A tropical wave crossed the west coast of Africa on June 20. [28] In Mexico, the storm brought flooding to Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas,[29] with an estimated 14 in (360 mm) of rain falling in Nuevo Leon. - The nascent depression drifted northward for 24 hours, and during this time, it strengthened and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Arlene at 12:00 UTC on June 12, based on Dvorak satellite classifications. [96] The depression never re-organized and instead deteriorated in structure due to shearing. Tu soutiens ton équipe dans les tribunes ? [63] As a result, at least 34 houses and businesses were flooded. As the wave moved into the western Caribbean Sea on June 30, a broad cyclonic turning was noted. [119] A storm was named Lenny for the first (and only) time in 1999. 2 These include forecasters from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s National Hurricane and Climate Prediction Center's, William M. Gray and his associates at Colorado State University (CSU), as well as Weather Research Center (WRC) and Tropical Storm Risk (TSR), then known as TSUNAMI. Il y a 20 ans, les gars savaient qu’ils leur restaient deux, trois ans au top à vivre en bleu, qu’il fallait en profiter à fond. - R. Lemerre conserve le 4-4-2 offensif sans ailier utilisé contre l'Arménie. Thereafter, the storm began weakening while approaching the Bahamas, decreasing to Category 3 intensity at 06:00 UTC on September 14. Edition in Spanish & English France - Islande; Match Qualification Championnat d'Europe Saint-Denis - Stade de France. [78] High waves swept two people out to sea at Acadia National Park in Maine. Il lui manque encore le jeu de tête, ce geste final en toutes circonstances. Damage from the storm totaled approximately $6.5 billion (1999 USD)[nb 1] and there were at least 77 fatalities, making it the deadliest hurricane in the United States since Hurricane Agnes in 1972. [98], Irene dropped heavy rainfall throughout its path, especially in Cuba and Florida. 27 décès en France ces dernières 24 heures, 11 123 nouveaux cas, Paris. Significant flooding, especially to roads and houses, was reported throughout Atlantic Canada, with damage totaling at least $7.6 million. 00:00, Stade de France  |  78.381 spect. 1999 Engraver: Louis-Oscar Roty Louis Oscar Roty is a French sculptor and medalist, born in Paris on June 11, 1846, and died in the same city on March 23, 1911. Additionally, one person was killed during the storm.   |  00:00, groupe 4 0, 0 Flooding from Floyd in North Carolina followed Hurricane Dennis, a slow and erratic–moving storm that dropped heavy rainfall in the eastern portion of the state. |, France - Islande. 51. The three main factors for this above average season forecast cited included a continuation of abnormally warm sea surface temperatures, the probability that La Niña conditions would remain, and that the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) winds would be in a westerly phase. The storm made near landfall Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, on October 30. - It slowly strengthened as it paralleled the East Coast of the United States. Other tropical cyclones that did not affect land were Hurricane Cindy, Tropical Storm Emily, and Tropical Depression Twelve. 0, 2 Il porte un regard toujours passionné sur les Bleus, ceux d’aujourd’hui comme d’avant, et les spécificités du rôle de buteur. Impact in Georgia and South Carolina was minor. [94] However, wind shear began undercutting the anticyclone,[95] which prevented any significant intensification. À partir de ces faits, des éléments d'origine plus contestée s'ajoutent à l'affaire, qui prend à partir du 19 mai un ton plus médiatique et implique de nombreuses fausses rumeurs[1],[2],[3],[4]. KRISTINSSON Runar At the height of the storm, more than 500,000 people lacked electricity. At 12:00 UTC on the latter date, Floyd peaked with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph (250 km/h) and a minimum barometric pressure of 921 mbar (27.2 inHg). [34] Initially it failed to intensify due to wind shear,[34] and the center became ill-defined on August 20. [60], In the Bahamas, a combination of strong winds and storm surge destroyed numerous restaurants, hotels, shops, and homes,[61] and left tens of thousands without water, electricity, and food. - The depression began to move in an unusual eastward track across the Caribbean Sea along the southern periphery of a trough and strengthened into Tropical Storm Lenny on the following day. France : Dadason 18e Djorkaeff_Y 38e Trezeguet_D 71e ; Islande : Sverrisson 48e Gunnarsson 56e ; Statistiques: Nombre de sélections moyen du onze de départ : 46.8 sélections Nombre de buts moyen du onze de départ : 5.9 buts Age moyen du onze de départ : 30 ans et 1 mois [67] However, dry air and colder sea surface temperatures began causing the storm to weaken,[73][74] with Gert falling to a Category 3 hurricane on September 20 and a Category 2 hurricane on September 21. Activez JavaScript pour pouvoir utiliser le site. L’équipe de France affrontera l’Ukraine le 7 octobre au Stade de France, Sans club, le footballeur Yoann Gourcuff a repris le tennis en compétition, Coupe du monde 2018. New York, New England,[55] and Atlantic Canada also experienced flooding, but to a much lesser degree. - Si l’envie du groupe actuel se prolonge, je ne vois pas qui peut les inquiéter dans les deux ans. 4 Islande, France Roxana Maracineanu : « Pour le sport, l’impact de la crise sanitaire est énorme », Roland-Garros. Floyd became a hurricane on September 10, while curving northwestward, before the storm resumed its initial west-northwestward course late on the following day. 3 2, 5 ; 8 janvier : publication du bilan des régularisations d'étrangers lancée en 1997 : 80 000 dossiers acceptés, 63 000 rejetés et un millier de cas encore en instance. Because the steering current became poorly defined, it drifted starting on June 15, and executed a small cyclonic loop later that day. Equipe de France. Rainfall on Cuba peaked at 35.6 in (905 mm) in Manaca-Iznaga,[99] while the rest of the island reported more than 7 in (178 mm). [100] Hurricane forces winds were also reported in Havana. [112] Katrina also destroyed water pipes that were replaced shortly after destruction from Hurricane Mitch. Quand je regarde sa Coupe du monde, s’il met au fond ses premières occasions, ça change tout pour lui aussi. Damage estimates in Florida reached about $15 million. [6] Early in 1999, WRC issued its forecast for the season, projecting ten named storms and six hurricanes, but no prediction on the number of major hurricanes. Islande. It headed north and soon intensified into Tropical Storm Irene. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 7 juillet 2020 à 11:55. 7 sélections en équipe de France de 1997 à 1999, 3 buts.Carrière : Saint-Seurin (1991-92), Auxerre (1992-97), Bordeaux (1997-2001 puis 2004-2006), FC Cologne puis Sunderland (2001-2002), Nice (2006-2008).Palmarès : champion de France (Auxerre 1996, Bordeaux 1999), vainqueur de la Coupe de France (Auxerre 1994, 1996). Un troisième match lors des trêves internationales de mars et septembre 2021, Football. [105], The worst of the effects from Jose occurred in Antigua and Barbuda, as winds up to 102 mph (164 km/h) were reported. 3, Northeastern Caribbean Hurricane Lenny Fact Sheet #1, FY 2000, Atlantic basin Comparison of Original and Revised HURDAT, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, "Storm Data and Unusual Weather Phenomena with Late Reports and Corrections", Tropical Depression Four Discussion Number 6, Tropical Depression Four Advisory Number 6, Tropical Storm Cindy Discussion Number 10, Tropical Storm Cindy Discussion Number 11, Tropical Storm Cindy Discussion Number 16, Tropical Storm Cindy Discussion Number 17, Tropical Storm Cindy Discussion Number 25, "Tropical Cyclones which affected the Bahamas", Tropical Depression Seven Discussion Number 2, Tropical Depression #7 - September 3-10, 1999, "Battered Bahamas start difficult clean-up in Floyd's wake", The Abacos' Hurricane Floyd Information Pages Relief and Rebuilding Reports and Updates, Late Twentieth Century Virginia Hurricanes, Preliminary Report: Tropical Depression Eleven, Tropical Depression #11 – September 30-October 9, 1999, Mexico: Overview of support given to flood victims, Mexico: Reports on the measures implemented by the Federal Government to aid communities affected by rain, "Social support mobilization and deterioration after Mexico's 1999 flood: Effects of context, gender, and time", "Los procesos de remoción en masa en la Sierra Norte de Puebla, octubre de 1999: Causa y efectos", Report on the advances made to offset the emergency caused by the rains, Tropical Depression Twelve Discussion Number 1, Tropical Depression Twelve Discussion Number 3, Tropical Depression Twelve Discussion Number 4, Tropical Depression Twelve Discussion Number 11, Cyclone Season of 1999 on the North Atlantic Ocean, "Cuba revela nuevas cifras de daños causados por huracán Irene", International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Historical Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) Information for Anguilla from 1955-2000, Preliminary Report: Tropical Storm Katrina, Honduras - Floods OCHA - Situation Report No.

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