The number will not be used for any other purpose. A/T 694 SUV/4x4 Hohe Abriebfestigkeit Maximaler Kanteneffext bei Nässe und Schnee Händler finden Ihr Standort. There are on-paper advantages, most notably with its 1180kg load rating, matching the Falkens in being 120kg ahead of the others; great for people looking to accessorise or modify their … The tyres lasted 50,000 km's till smooth with the indicators now gone and dangerous to use. I was disappointed with the mileage attained with the tyres, as previous range Duelers were known to last better than other brands with a lot of gravel use. Please modify your search criteria and try your search again.MONDAY - SARTUDAY: FROM 07:00AM TO 10:00PM.TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is an electronic system that monitors tire air pressure. Bridgestone Dueler A/T 694 to letnia opona klasy premium przeznaczona dla samochodów z napędem na 4 koła. I drive two thirds tar road and one third gravel road every day. Charakteryzuje się wyjątkową wytrzymałością i odpornością na uszkodzenia mechaniczne. Dzięki wyposażeniu w symetryczny bieżnik, model bardzo dobrze radzi sobie tak na suchej, jak i na mokrej nawierzchni zapewniając kierowcy i pasażerom bezpieczeństwo oraz komfort podróży. Dueler; Dueler A/T 694; Sommer. TPMS typically delivers these alerts to the driver through one of two types of warning lights on the dashboard. Carrier charges may apply for receiving text messages.The Bridgestone DUELER D694 All Terrain tyre offers performance in the best and worse road conditions with a comfortable ride and superior handling.This is the national Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Facebook; Twitter; Google Plus; Mail; Bridgestone’s tough all-rounder excels on both dirt and tarmac. Le pneu Bridgestone Dueler A/T 694 assure une bonne tenue de route sur une route sèche comme sur une route humide et assure également sa sécurité. It is thanks in part to the new Dueler that the Fortuner and Hilux get realistic fuel-consumption figures as low as 8l/100km, and that tyres used primarily in this 70/30 ratio still possess the longevity that customers expect.Improvements over the D693 III’s predecessor include a wider full cap belt and reinforced shoulder blocks for a more even contact patch when cornering, which improves traction and safety. 4th place in Wet braking. Search for a dealer in your area by filling in your postcode or city. Our tyres. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages.Black sheep of the test shows its true colours on the road.There are on-paper advantages, most notably with its 1180kg load rating, matching the Falkens in being 120kg ahead of the others; great for people looking to accessorise or modify their truck.That the Bridgestones performed admirably on-road was a plus, with the dry-road performance outdoing the wet. Car. Why not submit a question to our tyre experts using the form below!I drive a double cab raised body pickup and fitted new Bridgestone Duelers because the previous range had a good reputation for off road use. Always Reliable for Small to Miz-Sized Passenger Car.A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an automated system that monitors the air pressure in a vehicle's tires. Vedi dettagli . {gallery}Articles/January2017/dueler{/gallery}.With tyres on our mind, it was time to pit all this theory against the real world. Dove acquistare i pneumatici Dueler. Throw water into the mix and the Bridgestones lost some of their sheen, especially around corners, and they trailed all but the Goodyears in how long it took to cover our two wet bends.Stokell also noticed that winding on steering lock challenged the Bridgestones, the relatively low grip levels and tougher sidewall conspiring to make things less athletic and less responsive. Silica is the magical ingredient that somewhat offsets this trade, and by adding more silica to the tyre compound, Bridgestone has managed not only to increase traction on all surfaces, wet or dry, but also to decrease rolling resistance without overly compromising tread wear.As for the balance of off-road and on-road performance, Bridgestone has increased the strength of the top of the sidewall (nearest to the tread) which obviously increases puncture resistance on difficult terrain like rock, while increasing lateral rigidity in the sidewall for more stable cornering on tarmac.Because Toyota has chosen this tyre as original fitment for its latest crop of bakkies, the bias toward tar road travel is natural, and the Dueler A/T D693 III should be considered a road-biased tyre with a 70% focus on tar/gravel surfaces. Actual pricing may vary based on retailer, region, tire size and other factors. Our company. technique) en forme de « Z » dont la longueur augmente à mesure que le pavé de la bande de roulement s’use et … Motorcycle. Contattaci tramite il nostro modulo. I had two punctures in this time, one being a nail penetrating on the shoulder and one fencing rod that went straight through the middle of the tread pattern. Moto. Car 4x4 and Van Motorcycle Truck and Bus Off the … Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697: product test. This focus results, apparently, in a tyre with the least rolling resistance by far of any tyre in its class, benefitting customers with reduced fuel consumption amongst the other benefits mentioned. Cerca il pneumatico Dueler giusto per la tua auto. Increasing one of these properties has always been at the expense of another; that is, until the arrival of silica. Ponúkame vám test, recenzie a názory ostatných vodičov na pneumatiky Bridgestone Dueler AT 694, ale aj ďalšie modely pneumatík od výrobcu Bridgestone. In 2013 experts of the South African magazine Leisure Wheels have tested Bridgestone A/T 694 at size 265/65 R17 and compared with foutreen similar mid-range and premium All Terrain tires. Standard fitment on the new Fortuner and Hilux, the D693 III is Bridgestone’s latest foray into the allterrain market and the third iteration of the Dueler name.As the tyres spun and rocks tumbled under my wheels, the philosophy of the new Duelers began to make sense. Retailers are free to set individual prices which will in no way affect their relationship with Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC or Bridgestone Canada Inc. Find a local tyre dealer Find a local tyre dealer. EAN 3286340232616 NON DISPONIBILE TL M+S 6PR RBL. The braking distance was 2.14m longer, than the leader. essai comparatif test du pneu BRIDGESTONE dueler A/T 694 pneu mixte,Successeur du célèbre DUELER A/T 693, le 694 est un profil dit « pneu 4×4 mixte »,« Pour ma part je le classe dans la gamme route/piste, en considérant que dans les mixtes, il y a deux styles ».Au vu de la nouvelle bande de roulement et à d’autres innovations, il se relève plus polyvalent et plus performant sur route( ! Please enter a street address or ZIP code to find stores near you, or enable location services in your device settings to allow us to determine your location automatically.No matching results found. Meinen Standort verwenden Passt DUELER A/T 694 zu Ihrem Auto? Call Us. They’ve provided solid service on the sandy tracks of Hattah-Kulkyne National Park in the Victorian Mallee country; they’ve … Vettura. Bridgestone Dueler A/T D694 SUV Tires Front - Rear - The Bridgestone DUELER D694 All Terrain tyre offers performance in the best and worse road conditions with a comfortable ride and superior handling. Follow us on. By Stu Jones, 11 Sep 2017 Sponsored. Contattaci. Lors de notre essai routier, force est de constater que le Bridgestone AT 694 (en en le comparant au Bridgestone AT 693)colle au bitume (grâce à une gomme douce, composé de base dotée d’une forte teneur en silice) il y a aussi de nouvelles lamelles « tridimensionnelles » (sur la doc. Retailers are free to … We learnt that the tyres performed admirably on the convoluted tar roads, as well as on boulders, clay and rocky gravel proving Bridgestone’s theory that, for 90% of adventures, the Dueler D693 III is more than adequate.Words by Andrew Middleton, Pictures by Andrew Middleton & Haldon Krog.Now that we’re 100% online and FREE, Simply enter your email address above and we’ll notify you on great deals, specials and discounts for your Rad Rig.Enclosing the back of a doublecab for sleeping?Suzuki Jimny ground clearance with a mountain bike?Terrain Tamer 4WD opens an exciting large-scale branch in Cape Town.September spring specials – 4x4 deals to write home about. Lisez les commentaires d'autres clients qui utilisent ces pneus. Even then, the deficit to the Maxxis under brakes was limited to half a metre.Stokell was less complementary about what the Bridgestones did to the behaviour of the car, with the rigid light truck construction taking the edge off driver feel. Prezzo NON disponibile SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA (min 2 pezzi, isole escluse) Totale gomma singola + PFU: € Ordina Pezzi Prodotto esaurito … Chat with us on Facebook. STARTING MSRP This is the national Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Estas tiendas ofrecen un conocimiento especializado de los neumáticos Bridgestone y Firestone, servicio al cliente sobresaliente y precios competitivos.© 2020 Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC,Confident traction on wet and dry conditions,simpleSearch.paragraph.tpmsCallNumberDisplay,simpleSearch.paragraph.findTireSizePlaceOne,simpleSearch.paragraph.findTireSizePlaceTwo. Increased wet and dry performance on tar is of paramount concern, but Bridgestone didn’t want to lose any off-road performance. Contact us via our form. All Rights Reserved.Putting the latest rubber through the wringer on.WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines.The WhichCar Network: Everything car buyers need and car lovers want. Trova un rivenditore Trova un rivenditore. Cerca un rivenditore inserendo il codice di avviamento postale o la tua città . Tous les avis et commentaires en ligne sur le Bridgestone Dueler A/T 694 sur! I was impressed with the ride comfort and tractability of the tyre in the beginning, but it became a harder ride and often losing traction as the tyre became more worn. 2013 Leisure Wheels Bridgestone Dueler AT 694 test. The pass is tough on tyres; sharp rocks poking from the dark clay are formidable obstacles, and with a 10-hour driving day ahead, punctures were the enemy.From the rocks of Ongeluksnek, we drove the 120km to Semonkong Lodge on the dodgy, recently-built Chinese tar roads. Please check with your authorized Bridgestone Retailer for pricing near you.simpleSearch.paragraph.twoPlacesToFindTireSize.Designed as a general guideline to compare products between the Bridgestone and Firestone family of products. 8th place in Wet handling. The first challenge was Ongeluksnek Pass.Located near the small town of Matatiele on the south-eastern border of Lesotho, Ongeluksnek Pass is the rude awakening into Lesotho from the SA side. Ce pneumatique apporte une réelle maniabilité du véhicule et un confort de conduite agréable avec son faible niveau sonore. Find your nearest dealer. Trova il pneumatico giusto. Tenue de cap en grande vitesse très bien pour un mixte.Le freinage est court, sauf en freinage d’appui ou là il décroche très vite la carcasse a du mal à tout gérer.Le freinage sur le mouillé est un des plus court que je connais en pneu dit.Sinon on peut entendre qu’il y a une grosse évolution sur le bruit, il est assez silencieux.Mais il reste en dessous par rapport à un pneu route.Le circuit est sec avec une zone de boue limite sèche, le dévers sec, les franchissements secs.On va jouer avec les pressions, mais attention il n’y a pas de chambre donc en usage mixte sur un terrain, je vais placer la pression à,J’ai fait un essai à une pression plus basse, mais cela n’a pas d’incidence sur le comportement au niveau de la capacité de traction du pneu, mais le flanc est trop en contact avec le sol, il est trop souple et surement plus fragile au contact que le 693 (je vais bannir les basses pressions en franchissement sur terrain privé même avec des chambres à air),Quand on est devant un franchissement proche du trial, là on regarde le profil et on le trouve trop mixte tendance routière (il est encore moins découpé que l’ancien) et il va falloir compenser par une plus grosse prise d’élan (Adieu le couple).Pour le dévers au vue de la sculpture aussi peu espacé, la prise d’angle est assez limite.là il est assez performant et même surprenant il garde le cap et redonne un retour carcasse intéressant.Attention en raid et en roulage rapide sur piste sèche avec une grosse charge (chocs de pierre) il faut penser à avoir une pression assez importante pour donner une résistance aux flancs.Dans le gras là il est à l’Ouest, ne débourre pas, glisse sur les surfaces plates aucune tenue en dévers.Donc sa place est sur un 4X4 en utilisation de type loisir en famille avec un comportement automnale très intéressante, un maximum de sécurité au roulage et freinage, une dérive agréable.Il correspond à la tendance du marché actuel, car dans le résultat des utilisations des véhicules de loisir sont:Le Bridgestone est un pneu qui a sa place sur le marché, mais pas pour les mangeurs de bitume style l’autoroute tous les jours, pas pour les rois du TT en terrain privé.Merci a Jean Philippe pour son Disco et les pneus très bien rodés.Merci aux copains du circuit pour l’aide de mise en place et remise en place des quilles(que l’on a balayé assez souvent) après les passages de Disco et Defender pour nos prises de mesure.Cet article vous a été proposé par : Eric RIEUF.© 2006-2020 Journal du 4X4 - La Boîte à Mag.Toutes les infos sur les véhicules utilitaires : Utilitaire Magazine.Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. While less aggressive in appearance, the new tread pattern and higher silica compound dramatically reduce both rolling resistance and road noise. Bridgestone Dueler at 694 rientra tra i modelli top di gamma. Consider it an alternative to Sani pass; but, instead of being a graded gravel road crawling with tourists, Ongeluksnek is a genuine challenge – especially in the wet.Luckily, we had arrived before any major rains. THE ONLY light-truck construction of our test, the Bridgestone Dueler brings a more rugged construction to the table. Bridgestone Dueler AT 694: 66 %, 1 recenzia | Test letných pneumatík Bridgestone Dueler AT 694. Knowing if your car has TPMS will enable you to find the right tires.Inspect your vehicle's title or registration.Your vehicle's manufacturer-recommended tire size is listed in your owner’s manual. If you do not have your owner’s manual, you may also find your vehicle’s tire size in one of several different places:Enter your phone number to receive a text message with a link for this information. For that you pay a premium, too, with the $325 retail price towards the pointy end of our seven-strong field. This ensures consistent block stiffness and bigger contact area for positive steering performance and aggressive look throughout the life of the tyre.Adding extra protection against road hazards by strengthening the sidewall and deflecting stones away.Flair sipes increases in length as the tyre wears to maintain bite for consistent grip throughout the tyres life.Las Tiendas Destacadas son parte de la red nacional de tiendas al por menor operadas por Bridgestone, incluyendo Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tire Plus y Wheel Works. Bridgestone Dueler A/T 694  is an All Terrain and Off Road All Season tire with symmetrical tread pattern, designed for SUV and 4×4.In 2013 experts of the South African magazine Leisure Wheels have tested Bridgestone A/T 694  at size 265/65 R17 and compared with foutreen similar mid-range and premium All Terrain tires.According to the test results Bridgestone took 5th place.Your email address will not be published.We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We were winding our way into Lesotho on our first drive with the new Bridgestone Dueler A/T D693 III, which would put them to the test on every terrain from rock, gravel and tar to mud. However, he said there was a consistency when the tyres let go, with the modest limits allowing more confident pushing near the threshold. Email Us. This is advertiser content. Suchen nach: Andere passende DUELER Reifen ansehen Andere passende Reifen ansehen Reifenkatalog. As the tyres spun and rocks tumbled under my wheels, the … … Budú pre vás pneumatiky Bridgestone Dueler AT 694 tie pravé? Trova un rivenditore. Overall, the Bridgestone Dueler A/T 694 Revo provides excellent traction and handling in a variety of road conditions and terrains. In both dry cornering and braking the Dueler was only outdone by Maxxis and Dunlop. Info … If you are unaware if your vehicle is equipped with a TPMS, check your vehicle’s owners manual.Sorry, we’re unable to determine your location. I will now be fitting Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres of the same size, to see if they will fare better.See all 1 customer reviews of the Bridgestone Dueler AT 694 (newest first) >>,2020 Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test,2019 All Season Tyre Performance Overview,2020 AutoBild Van All Season Commercial Tyre Test,New VS 4mm VS 2mm All Season Tyre Performance,2019 19 Inch Performance Winter Tyre Test,Summer, All Season, All Weather, Winter, Nordic Winter and Studded Tyres Tested. ).J’ai équipé de Bridgestone le DISCO 300 en 245/70r16 d’un copain du club, il est parti en grandes vacances avec : de l’autoroute, de la route de montagne et un poil de piste.Début septembre direction  » mon « centre d’essai routier (circuit automobile privé).Pour démarrer mon essai dynamique, je vais aller chercher une pression de départ de 2,6 avt et 2,8 ar, sur le Defender.Mais cela est trop, cela saute du train arrière et provoque un décrochage sur les gros appuis, un peu moins de problème sur le Disco.Lors de notre essai routier, force est de constater que le,Il y a aussi les ponts de gomme qui sont les liaisons inter crampon sont plus rigides pour augmenter la résistance de déformation au freinage et résister au ripage d’accélération (pour résister aux grandes puissances des moteurs actuels).Sur le mouillé, il y a une belle augmentation de son efficacité en tenue de route par rapport à l’ancien, il y a un grand recule de la prise aquaplaning, peut être par la composition des canaux d’évacuation plus efficace par un effet de guidage vers l’extérieur et aussi peut être de la technique de surface des rainures « Shark Skin » (appelée ainsi parce qu’elle rappelle la texture d’une peau de requin) qui réduit la résistance à l’écoulement de l’eau dans les rainures.Je bouscule le pneu, il répond aussitôt aux ordres, on peut même forcer la cadence en jouant de « la technique brutale », si on rentre trop fort dans un virage, il dérive en douceur sans à coup. Trova il pneumatico giusto. Our task would be to drive around 1500km over highways, gravel roads and rock tracks: a true test for an all-terrain. We exited Lesotho, circumnavigated the small country on rough gravel tracks on the South African side of the country, and entered again via Sani Pass. Standard fitment on the new Fortuner and Hilux, the D693 III is Bridgestone’s latest foray into the allterrain market and the third iteration of the Dueler name. Parla con noi su Facebook. Based on the technologies featured in each and not on performance testing data.Simultaneous improvement in handling, comfort, noise and rolling resistance resulting in good handling, quiet ride and reduced fuel consumption.Accurate fit and rounder shape for a smooth and uniform ride.Upgraded resistance to tread surface abrasion, chipping and reduced heat generation for longer tyre life.Joint less cap ply and cap strip for advanced high speed durability and superior uniformity and performance.Blocks size increase as the tread wears down and add to aggressive appearance. When air pressure in one or more tires drops 25 percent or more below the correct pressure, a warning indicator alerts the driver. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Short wet braking distance and average handling.Relatively long dry braking distance and average handling speed.Short gravel braking distance and good handling. I’VE HAD the Duelers beneath my GU Patrol for a solid 14 months or so. Actual pricing may vary based on retailer, region, tire size and other factors. We were winding our way into Lesotho on our first drive with the new Bridgestone Dueler A/T D693 III, which would put them to the test on every terrain from rock, gravel and tar to mud. The tread blocks are not as high as those of its predecessor, improving stability by reducing tread flex. La nostra azienda. Contact Us. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce dernier, nous considérerons que vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies.Rassemblements 4×4 – sorties 4×4 – raid 4×4.Dernier espace de partenariat disponible !!! About Sustainability Careers Press Worldwide Olympic Partner Find a dealer. None of which hurt the Dueler’s all-round on-road ability, its final tally edging the Hankook by the slimmest of margins.Off-road, the aggressive tread pattern earned respect from Walker, who noted the ease with which it traversed mud and rocks. Review your Bridgestone Dueler AT 694 >> Given 66% while driving a Mazda 2 SP (245/75 R15) on mostly country roads for 50 average miles I drive a double cab raised body pickup and fitted new Bridgestone Duelers because the previous range had a good reputation for off road use. Driving at higher speeds Dueler A/T 694 is made easier due to Bridgestone’s Spiral Wrap feature which helps the tire retain its original shape, even after a lot of high speed driving. !Outback Import accessoires 4×4 & équipements 4×4,RRCONCEPT Préparation raid et compétition,Two Wheels Drive Location de Buggy pour Rallye Raid, Baja,RSC 4×4 vente de véhicules – préparation & atelier 4×4 – pièces et accessoires,Land Service le spécialiste de la pièce 4×4 générique pour Land Rover,Treuil Service, votre spécialiste treuillage / déplantage,4× spécialiste de pièces 4×4 Japonais en ligne,Balleydier 4×4 pièces neuves et occasion atelier spécialisé,Loisir Evasion – garage & préparation 4×4,Camper Cellules Gazell designed for adventure,Le Métal Technique – arceaux, protections, blindages,Equip Raid Accessoires pour 4×4 et Organisation – Assistance raid,Missions Berliet-Ténéré – camion Berliet Type GBC 8 M, 6×6 + Série 2 Land Rover.Cellule 4×4 : un nouveau magazine pour vous !Pièces EXTREME pour Discovery 5 chez Reulpart,Rassemblements 4x4 - sorties 4x4 - raid 4x4.

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