We Provide innovative insurance solutions for both personal and business needs. Make sure your needs are met, so you can travel safely and confidently. Choose from our single trip travel insurance, which covers you up to a year in advance in case of cancellation, to our annual multi-trip travel insurance, which covers you for up to 45 days travel per trip for a year. Local Terms & Conditions apply. It will cover flight cancellations, lost luggage, damage of property and certain health issues.There’s no guarantee your airline will reimburse you for a flight delay or cancellation, and your trusted credit card won’t cover your trip either. The AXA Assistance USA Platinum plan is everything the Gold is – and a little bit more. With over 50 years of experience, AXA Travel Insurance division has the experience and resources needed to provide quality protection for travelers.They are underwritten by the experts at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. On the 11th March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the coronavirus (COVID-19 has reached pandemic status. Trip Cost Non-Insurance Travel Assistance Services Included This is a Summary of Benefits. Note: Applies for Single Trip policies and Annual Plans You are covered for Covid-19 in your trips from 1 December 2020. If you're planning a single trip each year, it is important to purchase travel insurance. Covers Medical costs, Personal Liability, Trip Cancellation, Trip Curtailment and more. Ideally, planes are on time, traffic flows smoothly, the weather is perfect and the hotel room is ready on arrival. The AXA Assistance USA Gold plan is a comprehensive travel insurance plan. For further information, email us on enquiries@axa-travel-insurance.com or call +44 (0) 2032 840879 That’s why single trip holiday insurance is a must so you're not left out of pocket when the unexpected knocks your travel plans.Before buying single trip insurance, compare the offers from different companies and check to see what's covered very carefully, along with the guarantees and their limits. Also, it often has low reimbursement ceilings for trip cancellation and for accidental loss or damage of baggage. With AXA travel insurance, you will get a payout if you have to unavoidably postpone or cancel any part of your trip within 30 days before the trip, or if you have to unavoidably curtail your trip to return to Singapore, due to an advisory from Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to defer non-essential travel to the planned destination. Anything from lost luggage to medical expenses can cost you dear. If you travel for less than three months (90 days) in the same country and you are not a frequent traveller, single trip insurance is what you need. Customers are covered to cancel their trip if they, someone they are travelling with or a close relative (as defined within the policy) contracts coronavirus and/or if they or someone they are travelling with has to quarantine before their trip, so long as they were unaffected and able to travel at the time they purchased the policy and at the time they booked their trip. Your travel plan The best travel insurance product in the market to cover you for any medical and travel … While you have all the standard comprehensive benefits you’d expect, such as trip cancellation, baggage protection, and trip delay; you also have optional add-ons such as Cancel for Any Reason and rental car collision protection. An insurance plan that fully protects your particular trip is a vital part of any travel planning process. For your next trip to Europe, Asia, and everywhere else, The most affordable option for frequent travellers, For travelling abroad with children, parents and other relatives, For trip interruption and other unforeseen events, Coverage to keep you cool when you hit the slopes, Multi-trip insurance for up to one year abroad, Copyright AXA 2019 © AXA Travel Insurance. Whether you frequently travel for business, or are lucky enough to enjoy more than one holiday a year, with our multi-trip travel insurance you can choose up to 90 days in advance when you want your cover to start. Remember to pack AXA’s single trip travel insurance. Legal Expenses: Any legal liability arising out of accidental injury, damage or death to a third-party will be covered by Bharti AXA Travel Insurance. AXA Platinum offers coverage for trip interruption, baggage protection, travel delay, $250,000 medical, and includes the pre-existing medical conditions waiver if purchase within 14 days of initial trip deposit. Trip cancellation insurance reimburses you (up to the covered amount) for pre-paid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason. AXA Singapore is one of the world's leading insurance companies. Multi-Trip is the multiple entry Schengen travel insurance for 1 year for frequent travellers which offers extensive protection covering medical expenses up to €100,00 in the Schengen area, in E.U. Find out what makes AXA the world's leading insurance provider. While we can’t prevent or predict an unfortunate turn of events, we can prepare you for the fallout.Easily sign up for Online Travel Insurance with AXA, the world's leading insurance provider. countries which are not part of the Schengen area, Liechtenstein, San Marin, Andorra, Monaco and Vatican. Please download T&Cs from your local store for more information. For more info on Smart Traveller coverage in relation to COVID19, please click here For assistance, please contact AXA Customer Care through (02)8581-5292 or see other options here. We’ll return your payment in full. Buy online easily in 3 minutes and get instant coverage. Take full advantage of adapted medical coverage that meets all of your needs, wherever you happen to be in the world, with a global team of professionals ready to assist you in any emergency situation. Simply sign up for our Online Travel Insurance today to receive medical coverage adapted to your individual needs, with a global network ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you happen to be in the world. Choose from a variety of plans created to suit your individual needs: Travel Smart; Inbound Travel AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance is a small part of a large organization that is dedicated to offering emergency services for its clients. To help you find the best pandemic travel insurance we evaluated over 50 plans using data from Squaremouth, a travel insurance provider. AXA travel insurance covers the cost of medical emergencies, trip cancellation fees to many other benefits, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your vacation. Full coverage details, terms and conditions can be found in the Policy/Certificate of Coverage and Confirmation of Coverage. Before buying the insurance policy, you need to understand the factors which are influencing the premium rates. Trip Cancellation/ Travel Curtailment. You can quickly pay Travel Insurance premium online and can enjoy benefits of the insurance at your travel destination. Please refer to the policy wordings for full details of the coverage. To get “cancel for any reason” coverage you’ll have to purchase a base travel insurance plan and add “cancel for any reason” coverage within 14 to 21 days of your first trip payment. Travel Insurance with health and personal accident coverage including Covid-19 insurance in 2021. AXA’s your only destination for superb, flexible worldwide travel insurance. Why buy AXA annual multi-trip travel insurance? At other times, flights are cancelled, a passport disappears or a traveler is injured. In effect, this means that we did not provide travel insurance. *Note: If the Insured Trip Cost is $0, there is no Trip Cancellation benefit; Tr ip Interruption benefit is Unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays or cancellations, lost baggage, and medical emergencies can be very stressful, time-consuming and expensive. The one who pays may be different from the insured. This is the best option to make sure emergencies and mishaps are covered for you and your family.If you’re heading abroad for few days or weeks, you will need medical coverage in case of an accident, and you should always make sure your belongings are covered in case of loss, damage, fire, or theft. Others. You have all the standard comprehensive benefits you’d expect, such as trip cancellation, baggage protection, and trip delay. Home > Travel Insurance Covers. Once payment is accepted, the following documents will be available for download and will be sent by e-mail: Annual insurance for frequent travellers. Registered in Ireland no: 426087Authorised by The Central Bank of Ireland. Take full advantage of adapted medical coverage that meets all of your needs, whenever you … Featuring optional rental car collision protection. That's when AXA Assistance USA's Travel Insurance goes to work protecting travelers, 365 days a … Let's enjoy your trip with AXA Travel Insurance design coverage for you and your family, Premium starts from 186 THB, cover trip cancellation, flight delay, and flight misconnection, 100% refund if a visa application is rejected You can purchase each of these individually or as a combination. If you select all the modules, you get a 25% discount. Prices, cover types & guarantees at the moment of publication are correct but may vary depending on your country. Planning the annual family getaway? It’s available for 2 of the 3 formulas of AXA single trip insurance, but also for multi-trip insurance and student insurance. Trip cancellation insurance may reimburse you up to 100% of your insured trip cost for specific unforeseen reasons that are covered under your comprehensive plan. Flight Misconnection / Travel Overbooked. AXA trip cancellation insurance is a non-expensive option to add to the cost of your trip. Our stores Trip Cancellation and/or Interruption: The insurer covers the non-refundable prepaid payments or any additional expenses incurred due to trip cancellation. INTERTOURS travel insurance consists of cancellation cost insurance, personal assistance insurance, and vehicle assistance insurance. Here at AXA Travel Insurance, we are doing the best we can to make sure we are looking after our customers at this difficult time. From valuable medical and cancellation cover on a budget, to the highest cover levels with the lowest excesses, AXA’s your only destination for flexible worldwide travel insurance. OUR STORE; COVER STORES; WHAT WE DO; FIND US Menu How can we help you today? Invoice & receipt for charges incurred in amending or purchasing additional air ticket (for trip curtailment) Written advice from the attending medical practitioner confirming advisability to cancel or curtail the trip due to the illness or injury sustained by you / your relatives (as defined in the policy) or travel companion An insurance plan that fully protects your particular trip is a vital part of any travel planning process. Smart Traveller policies bought before March 11, 2020 will cover claims on Trip Cancellation/Postponement related to the COVID19 pandemic. The AXA Assistance Platinum plan includes the following coverages: Trip Interruption AXA travel insurance covers the cost of medical emergencies, trip cancellation, lost baggage and provides many other benefits which leave you free to relax and enjoy your vacation. You should also make sure that flight cancellations or delays that can add extra drama to a trip are covered. AXA can ensure your peace of mind, no matter where in the world you travel. Travel Insurance. If you change your mind within 14 days of the start of your annual multi trip policy, you can cancel it back to the start date. AXA offers 3 different options: medical assistance and coverage and repatriation, while also taking care of the completely unexpected, like a refund for the cost of a search and rescue at sea. Registered Office 10/11 Mary Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. Unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays or cancellations, lost baggage, and medical emergencies can be very stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Copyright AXA 2019 © AXA Travel Insurance. Purchasing an AXA Schengen insurance policy is done on www.axa-schengen.com website. The cancellation cost insurance and personal assistance insurance cover you worldwide. In fact, while the insurance included with the credit card with which you paid for your trip usually covers repatriation fees and some medical costs, coverage amounts can be lower than with travel-specific insurance. Bharti AXA offers Travel Insurance Premium at a competitive price. Travel with peace of mind. Single travel insurance is tailored for those who travel abroad once a year - the traditional holidaymaker. This is your statutory right to cancel. Pay Travel Insurance Premium Online. Registered Office 10/11 Mary Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. Easily sign-up for Online Travel Insurance with AXA, the word's leading insurance provider. The plan also includes the option to add on a Collision Damage Waiver for Rental Car coverage up to $35,000. Subscription to AXA Schengen. All other AXA travel plans Note: Applies for both single trip policies and annual policies. Registered in Ireland no: 426087Authorised by The Central Bank of Ireland. Detailed description of the circumstances of the Claim.

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