I defend the French culture. Chaîne officielle TVLibertés 28,091 views While this does not sound encouraging, the FN’s prodigy is at first glance far from daunting. It’s quite opposite to the radical Islamic faith, which seeks to impose itself more and more on public life." If you endorse homosexuality [in marriage], why not polygamy?". The new academy will serve as the laboratory and launch pad of this French fusionism. We have traditions, cultural influences that are Christian. How likely is it that this dangerous ideological agenda is about to get worse? Founded in 1972 by Maréchal-Le Pen’s grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen, the party became a byword for nationalism, xenophobia and perceived racism. So far, around 60 students have registered for classes that will begin in September, at a cost of 5,500 euros per year, and 160 students have registered for its professional studies program. 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While France and the UK are not entirely comparable, it [will demonstrate] that it’s possible to leave without the cataclysm of which opponents warned. ", Unsurprisingly, she champions the American presidential contender Donald Trump. Her grandfather has married twice and Marine Le Pen has had two divorces. 6,560 คนกำลังพูดถึงสิ่งนี้. Directrice générale de l'ISSEP "No, not exactly. France’s migration policy has contributed to the explosion of radical Islam here and to the genesis  of those terrorists who are born in France. - Bistro Libertés avec Francis Bergeron - Duration: 1:43:10. Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline removed Moncef Slaoui as chairman of Galvani Bioelectronics. Four elections later, Israel still can’t quite make up its mind about its longtime prime minister. ", Like Nigel Farage, whom she admires, she believes that staying in the EU may prompt more sex attacks on women by new migrants. It will be funded by donors who are “uniquely French.” Inspired by a Paris-based right-wing political academy founded in 2004, its goal is to “train the leaders of tomorrow, those who will have the courage, the discernment, the skill to defend the interest of their people.” In other words, to shape the next generation of nationalist leaders. Marion Marechal on Facebookissa. From her affiliation with the anti-gay group Manif pour tous, to the jarringly protectionist and euroskeptic discourse in which she traffics, it often seems that her political brand would thrive best in the Southern France of the 1950s. That has made us very close. What does this mean for the future of France’s right-wing populist movement? ", Did she really say some time ago that Muslims occupied a lower rank than Catholics? "My grandfather pushed his daughters to work hard. There are whispers, hard to publish under French law, of a divorce. Directrice générale de l'ISSEP France’s economic malaise and public disdain for the socialist president François Hollande have already rewarded Marine Le Pen, a more emollient politician than her father, with notable victories in European and regional elections. I’m on the road a lot. Her adherence to the traditional family is as solid as her opposition to gay marriage, which she claims could "open the door to polygamy". I don’t want a culture imported from elsewhere. I was sectioned for post-partum psychosis - so why did I decide to have another child? Join Facebook to connect with Marion Maréchal and others you may know. At 26, Maréchal-Le Pen is already a political phenomenon. Her blonde hair is swept into a ponytail and her short black dress shows off her coffee-eclair tan. Reticent even by the standards of French politicians, Maréchal-Le Pen has previously said almost nothing about her private life. I don’t want my daughter to be an only child. It’s imposed on us from childhood. I want to defend the right of children to have a family framework, but of course people are free to divorce. It would be difficult to devise a targeted giveaway more likely to inspire popular outrage. French “former populist MP” Marion Maréchal, niece of Marine Le Pen, “has called on her supporters to fight the ‘Great Replacement.’” She added that the consequences of the Great Replacement would be a “multicultural society that wants to be fractured and violent.” "It’s a very lovely compliment. But she’s still shying away from the political spotlight. Joan of Arc was a great woman and a patriot. "I’m not very keen on shopping. Let’s say we are a rather particular family.". While there was no immediate proof that the killer had links to radical Islam, it was clear that the attack had intensified the war that Maréchal-Le Pen has been waging almost since childhood. A flooded tunnel has paralysed western Paris, leaving the rising star of France’s far right marooned somewhere between her two-year-old daughter’s nursery and the French Parliament. I just hope I don’t end up with the same destiny." For one, Maréchal has decided to shelter herself from the chaos that engulfs today’s National Front. Directrice générale de l'ISSEP Under the current leadership of his daughter Marine, its fortunes have soared. When I ask Stephan if they are accurate, there is the long silence of a skilled adviser calculating how best to respond. The defenses of Biden’s performance at the border are tendentious or dishonest. "But I have a phrase of Marine’s that I like: 'One day I shall say to my children that they should pardon me, because all the time I didn’t spend with them was spent for them.'". Given that she sued successfully under her country’s strict privacy laws after the publication of the name of her biological father (whom she first met aged 13), I am surprised that she appears so confiding today. "I grew up with a great deal of contact with ordinary people," she says, "but my husband came from a different cadre. The policy was first instated by President Reagan to ensure that taxpayers would not be required to indirectly fund abortions in other countries. "Ideally three. "These people arrive with a different language and culture and without being educated in the same way about women’s rights.". She hopes, she says, for more children. "France has talked  for a long time of the “Clan Le Pen”. If Marine Le Pen stands ready to deal a death blow to Europe, so too does her niece – the "Rolls-Royce of the FN", according to one French observer. She replied: "No, of course not. She must be aware that her views on Islam appal many people. However, Marion Maréchal merely offers more of the same. In the place of the statist, “neither left nor right” party that has existed under Marine Le Pen and her now-estranged deputy Florian Philippot, Maréchal eventually wants to create a fusion of the republican Right and her populism. The absence of her own father and the arrival of a beloved stepfather "forged my political combat. One is to defend the independence and sovereignty of  my country, and the other is to produce children to transmit that message.". His advice was never to be dependent on a man, and he was right. Get our conservative analysis delivered right to you. I don’t want that artificial life." I love riding horses and my bike," she says. Who, in the end, is Marion Maréchal-Le Pen? Their daughter Olympe was born three months after the wedding. When I was first elected, half the MPs refused to acknowledge me. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Our party is led by a woman, and in France we have a culture of gallantry and courteous behaviour. The Founders unambiguously intended otherwise, as evidenced in both their writing and in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. Unlike her aunt, who set out to detoxify the FN, Maréchal-Le Pen inclines towards the party’s hard-line tradition. "We’ve been very exposed to the media and much opposed. "I have exposed reality,"  she says. Classical liberals shouldn’t fall for it. Indeed, Maréchal wants to turn back the clock, replacing France’s republican tradition with a politics founded on identity grievance. The 28-year old prodigy boasts an impressive political record; at 22 years old she was the youngest person elected to France’s parliament, and she has come to embody the future of the country’s nationalist movement. Whatever the state of her relationship, Maréchal-Le Pen is no hypocrite. "The UK will reap the benefits, and France will be reassured that the route is open." "I’ve kept the life of a woman of 26, with all that implies, and most of all I have kept a lot of friends from outside politics. Přidejte se k síti Facebook a spojte se s uživatelem Marion Marechal a dalÅ¡ími lidmi, které znáte. From 2012 to 2017, she served as a member of France’s National Assembly (lower house of Parliament). Directrice générale de l'ISSEP Philippot, a longtime political rival, moved the National Front leftward to appeal to laid-off factory workers in the North and East; now that he’s gone, she envisions the creation of a determinedly conservative political coalition. So heartfelt is her devotion to her family that I can scarcely credit a rumour when it surfaces. 19,666 इस बारे में बात कर रहे हैं. Pfizer’s effectiveness against the Brazilian, U.K., and South African variants is encouraging news. Join Facebook to connect with Marechal Marion and others you may know. However diverse it may be in outlook, the Le Pen dynasty is united on one issue. "I make a big distinction between my political combat and my faith. Not long afterwards, online reports appear to corroborate talk of a break-up. Maréchal-Le Pen’s own childhood was privileged, even though "to grow up in the family of Jean-Marie Le Pen was not a bed of roses". Years of gross mismanagement and the ravages of COVID-19 have left the city a seedy, grimy shell of itself. I do not think she looks especially pleased to meet me. Photo of Marion-Maréchal Le Pen (Image Credit: Jack Rabbit Slims/Wikipedia) Roger-Petit is a journalist close to the Socialist Party who backed Macron during his election campaign. "I am against gay adoption," she says. "We have a very feminist background in our family," Maréchal-Le Pen says. It has nothing to do with skin colour. Marion Marechal, the niece of French nationalist politician Marine Le Pen, posted a video to social media Wednesday in which she stated, “I don’t have to apologize as a … While the French electorate will decide whether or not she is right, the gospel of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen should be noted with care by Brexit Britain,  in whose footsteps she would dearly love to follow. Stephan, it transpires, has also registered this diffident entry. What, I asked, would Maréchal-Le Pen say to those who accuse her and her ilk of peddling fear, social division and racism? Unfortunately I can’t do the role of mother full-time. The president is being advised to go ‘bigger and faster than anyone expected.’ If he does, his campaign will have been a fraud. While the hapless President Hollande became a national laughing stock for visiting his  mistress on a scooter, Maréchal-Le Pen cruises around her Vaucluse constituency in south-east France on a sporty Kawasaki 600cc motorcycle.

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