Normalmente tanto con su uniforme d… Did you scroll all this way to get facts about touka kirishima? This soft side remains afterwards, as she would open up more and more to him, establishing a more intimate relationship, and led to her admitting about her pregnancy and accepting his marriage proposal. Soon enough, Yoshimura announced that he doubted they would have anymore contact with Kaneki. She went further and told him she had noticed the way he looked at her while he was Sasaki; the very same way he used to look at Rize. Ella a menudo se preocupa por su seguridad debido a su inexperiencia en el mundo de los ghoul y en más de una ocasión arriesgó su propia vida para salvarlo. Touka held negative feeling towards Tsukiyama, having had many confrontations with him when she and Ayato were younger. She is later seen holding her parents wedding ring on her bed while questioning what Kaneki meant when he said he wouldn't leave her alone. Kaneki told Touka that he did not think the existence of ghoul investigators was bad and that he thought she was in the wrong, however he would be sad if she died and said he also wanted to do something with her. As Banjou's crew and the rest of investigators engaged in a fight and Yomo attacked Mougan, Touka ran to her brother, pleading Banjou to start healing him. Shortly after, they met in his room and talked on his bed before she decided to tell him she was pregnant and apologized for keeping quiet. It is her relationship and marriage to Kaneki that provides her with the happiness she always yearned for and helped improve her self esteem as Kaneki's desire to spend his life with her proved that her belief that she wasn't good enough for her loved ones to stay with her was wrong. Cuando era niña, llevaba vestidos, y un clip de pelo en el lado izquierdo de su flequillo, y su peinado era casi lo mismo. In the first character popularity poll, Touka was ranked second. [74] At some point, Touka and Kaneki had spoken about the One-Eyed Owl, whom she understood to be Yoshimura's daughter but was curious as to how the human mother managed to protect her unborn child. Remembering the emotional hurt Touka felt when he turned against his only family, during their first reunion she was anger at him, both with opposite views and what the right thing was. Y odio eso de mí misma.". As they become more and more intimate, Touka eventually revealed her pregnancy and Kaneki asked her to marry him, which she accepted. Akira refused to think of them as anything but monsters and retained pride in both her father's and her own work. [15] She succeeded in killing Ippei Kusaba but got wounded by Kureo Mado. She has matured during this time, as a consequence of the Anteiku Raid. Para Kaneki: Cuando llegue la hora, te dejaré hacerlo conmigo. Touka, however, believed he was still alive, and held back the tears in her eyes after supposedly hearing the news about his death and the destruction of Anteiku. Her rash attitude comes from having to live a "hard-working" double-life of a human and ghoul identity. Touka ended up alone and went to kill the ghoul investigators who killed Hinami's parents by herself. Press Room Originally, he and Touka did not get along very well due to territory disputes. [13], Touka's exams were approaching, so she took some time off from Anteiku to focus on her studies. In her place, Yoshimura asked Kaneki to assist with the collection of food supplies. Her facial features and hairstyle bear a strong resemblance to Hikari Kirishima (Touka's mother) and Ayato Kirishima (Touka's younger brother)., Ken Kaneki's father (father-in-law; deceased), Ken Kaneki's mother (mother-in-law; deceased), Her English Voice Actress, Brina Palencia is best known for voicing as. After Arata went missing she took the burden of raising him in order to follow in her father's footsteps. Touka starts crying when he talks about how Kaneki won't even be able to cradle his own child. When Touka's moving around as a "ghoul", she wears a trench coat, pants and boots. After this, she said that she had to kill Kimi Nishino, Nishiki's human girlfriend, to protect their identities as ghouls. Sin embargo, sus flequillo al principio fueron cepillados al lado revelando su cara entera. She felt regret over this and this intensified after Kaneki was declared dead, crying, but she still believed he was alive. That's our destiny. Soon after, Kaneki came to her begging for help. Ella estaba confundida al ver a un medio ghoul y se negó a mostrarle compasión ya que él era un humano anterior. After the Clown Siege, Touka dyed her hair back to its original black (purple in anime) color. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! When Tooru Mutsuki attempted to rally Touka up by claiming Yoriko had been arrested under the suspicion of harboring ghouls, she claims to have never heard of Yoriko in an attempt to protect her. Later, in a private conversation with him, Touka asks if he is a virgin and in the anime, even says she wouldn't mind doing the deed with him, much to his embarrassment. [10] (In the anime, she force-feeds him, shoving the corpse's flesh into his mouth. Following its destruction she joins the newly formed organization Goat, thus relocating to the 24th ward along with its other members. When Renji did not greet the customers, she lectured him, and with a clipboard in her hand she prepared to take the order. Kaneki however tells her that he's not returning, and stops her from asking to travel with him by mentioning Touka's college entrance exam being near. In the incident between Nishiki, Kaneki and Hide, she appeared again after Nishiki got defeated by Kaneki. El jefe también le sugirió ir a la escuela y ha estado dispuesto a pagar sus gastos, una vida escolar que ella disfruta y aprecia. [55], After Yomo took the blow from Narukami, she attacked Arima with Ayato, but was quickly defeated by the investigator. However, she believed her own character and mistakes were what drove him away. This may have stemmed from caring for a bird when she was a child only to be pecked near her right eye that she then covers with a hair bang. Whether something would happen to him or why he was keeping himself separated from her, both bothered her. In the final moments of the story they are walking around together on a hill, the same hill Haise was sitting on at the start of :re. While on the run, she reunited with Hinami and pinched her on both cheeks to scold her. [57] After they disabled the compactor, the group reunited with Banjou and his crew, and they proceeded in escaping through the compactor. Just before Hajime and the two were forced to prepare for battle, Hirako arrived on the scene with Squad 0, urging them and their group to continue. $19.74 shipping If Hide found out, she swore she would kill him, to protect their identities as ghouls. [33] Touka remained completely silent while the majority protested, before proceeding to look up at the manager and declared that if he was not going, then she would go alone. An aspiring chef, she would give food to Touka, who always accepted the food even though it made her sick. This comes from her father, who taught her to reject her ghoulhood and to live with humans in order to survive, as well as a desire to simply live happily and in peace with her loved ones. Más tarde, se casaron. [38]. Después del Arco de Aogiri, su cabello creció más largo y ahora alcanza la parte trasera de su cuello. Hesitant and overwhelmed at first by the more experienced Ayato. Touka Kirishima (霧嶋 董香(きりしま とうか), Kirishima Tōka?) She was on the verge of saying something in response before Tsukiyama did, talking about how Kaneki wouldn't kill innocent humans for revenge, nor would he turn into this monster of his own free will. This low self esteem as well as her abandonment issues results her willing to recklessly throw her life away multiple times before the timeskip, such as during the Anteiku Raid, when she cannot bear the pain of losing someone close to her. Yoshimura explained that two people were involved and that one of them was Rize. [21] Mado appeared and fought the combined team of Hinami and Touka, and finally he got killed by Touka's finishing attack. [27] With her kagune, she managed to defeat Tsukiyama. What do people think of Touka Kirishima? While they were walking back, Hinami asked if it was right for her to live, shocking Touka but Kaneki answer that he believed Hinami's mother told her to live in her final words, she was confused. Incluso los ghouls... ¡incluso yo quiero vivir como ustedes! She reveals how she feels; how their roles have been reversed and that Kaneki repeatedly leaves her out of danger, the first time being four years ago when he left Anteiku. The two spoke about Akira Mado, both were afraid of speaking with her — Touka reluctant to visit her unless Amon already had since she killed Akira's father, Kureo Mado. Read more information about the character Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul? As they climb up Dragon, Mutsuki eventually catches Touka on the leg with a knife before getting scraped by his kagune. ¿cómo podemos vivir correctamente con un cuerpo como este? Touka likes school life and rabbits, but hates ghoul investigators, dimwits, and classical literature. [39] Later, Touka mused over the encounter, thinking that Kaneki was unlikely to go back after she drove him away. The siblings Kirishima visited Satou, where they were forced to eat human food; eventually being sold out as Ghoul Investigators approached them. As he told her that he would see her later, she turned and dashed away. When seeing each other during this time they were silent. She left with the others never receiving a response from Sasaki. [12], While working at Anteiku, Yoshimura suddenly told Kaneki that he should have a mask and asked Touka to take him to get one made on her next day off. Cuando era niña, llevaba vestidos, y un clip de pelo en el lado izquierdo de su flequillo, y su peinado era casi lo mismo. [46], Upon reaching Route E14, Touka and the ghouls stopped when they encountered a large squad of Oggai. Introducción de Touka en el Capítulo 1: Remake, El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. She immediately turned to block Hanbee Abara's attack with her left arm and dodged the various swings of his quinque Silver Skull but took in Hinami's situation against Suzuya. That is before he began to act on his own and go where he pleased without her, causing her to incessantly worry about him. [72], The next day, she and Kaneki watched Yoriko's wedding from a distance, to which she mused that Mutsuki must have used a fake hand. Después de separarse de su hermano Ayato, crece para apreciar su vida humana y comienza a aferrarse desesperadamente a ella. Confía en otros para un cambio. After the Aogiri arc, her hair reaches her shoulders, but her signature bangs remain the same. Anime Touka Kirishima Cosplay Costume Leather Full Set Halloween. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Before they went back, Kureo Mado saw them and thought there was something off about the two, so he asked to have a meeting with them further inside. Touka's hands trembled in shock at his words. Touka decided and led the group out before coming upon the bodies of Fuka and Tago and their killer, Hajime. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! During her early teen years, Yoshimura would keep tabs on Touka and her brother. After becoming an employee at Anteiku, they continue to butt heads, but the animosity eventually became friendly reffing. Due to her fathers teachings she attempts to conform to the world, having been compared to a bird trapped in a cage within the story itself, but she also cannot accept injustice done towards ghouls due to her insecurities, nor can she bear the pain of losing someone close to her due to her abandonment issues, and lashes out when she cannot suppress this anger, such as during the Doves Emergence arc. Etsy may send you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings. When Touka arrived, she greeted Kaneki with a kick, then ignored him for some time as he followed her. They continue to fight, with Touka telling him to stop being such a pain before Mutsuki blocks her kagune attacks using his knives. After the timeskip, Touka is more openly gentle and warm, following on from her development from before. [22], At school, Yoriko asked Touka why she was spacing out during class. Touka is one of the closest people to Kaneki in Anteiku, helping him adapt to ghoul life. Touka agreed, however she still debated Kaneki's necessity for one. Having met prior to their fight, Suzuya commented on it and Touka did not deny it before causing a barrage of projectiles to be sent his way. As Shuu Tsukiyama notes, she had previously looked more dangerous and cold but has somewhat softened up because of her human life, and continued to do so due to Ken Kaneki's influence, who allowed her to be the kind person she is deep down. Both Touka and Kaneki are severely injured, but due to Kaneki's idea for Touka to eat some of his flesh, she is able to regain her strength and manifest her Kagune. Mutsuki caught onto Touka's neck from behind and proceeded to choke her, only to be impaled through his torso by Touka's kagune. Luego ella le dijo que a menudo que visitaba :re como Sasaki la miraba de la misma manera que solía mirar a Rize. Hinami sees her like an elder sister and loves her, so the two of them have a close relationship. She is full of hatred for ghoul investigators, stemming from the fact that her family was torn apart by the CCG and she had to live life as a fugitive. Ella muestra signos de arrepentimiento después de gritar y golpear a Kaneki cuando regresa al Distrito 20, y aún quería que regresara a Anteiku. Touka always seemed to have more faith and confidence in her father than Ayato did. Más tarde, en una conversación privada con él, Touka pregunta si él es virgen. Touka initially had a neutral relationship with Kaneki being that of waitress and customer until he transformed into a ghoul. It can be crystallized and de-crystallized at will. A Touka le gusta la vida escolar y los conejos, pero odia a los investigadores ghoul y literatura clásica. Conversan de manera amistosa en :re después de la Tercera Incursión a Cochlea, antes de golpear a Kaneki en el mostrador de la mesa. Touka then called Kaneki to inform him she had found Hinami. Kaneki, quoting what the Anteiku manager had told him, said she had given it "what it needed," or human meat. Learn more. Touka and Mutsuki then met gazes after his arrival and he continued onto ordering the Oggai to frame out. Silent, Touka steeled herself and did so. However, her kagune was soon overpowered by Ayato's and she was knocked out. Later they went to the CCG branch office in the 20th Ward to give them false information and get more about the situation. Soon enough, Yoshimura announced that he had one thing he would like to note about Kaneki. We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). While hunting, she wears a rabbit mask and her alias is Rabbit (ラビット). Worried about those lacking combat experience, Touka hesitated but Hinami and Yomo convinced her to go on, reminding her of what she needed to protect. She then says while crying that she needs him to give their child a name, due to her self proclaimed lack of ability in Japenese. You dumbass. Cookie Touka resided in the 20th ward with her younger brother Ayato, and her father, Arata; where her father lived his life by blending in with the human society, by taking them to the library and even convincing them to eat human food. [49] She was then hounded by the ghoul about Kaneki's memory loss. During his early days at Anteiku, Touka would often boss him around and chide him for the slightest mistakes. After Itori walks off and Ayato returns, the members of GOAT discuss ways to save Kaneki, before Hide appears alongside Amon and Akira, asking Touka if she wants to dig up Kaneki. Touka's hands begin to tremble in shock at these words. Touka explained that ghouls wear masks to protect their identities from ghoul investigators. Kaneki asked Touka about the place and she replied that it was the place where ghouls used to live. Stages . She touches her stomach, worrying she may have overdone it given her pregnancy, before Aura appears behind her and kicks her. After they reached a safe area, Ayato declared to Touka and Yomo that he knew who they were. At a hideout, she sat moodily, wondering about Yoriko's safety as she asked Kaneki what he did when he wanted to see Hide. [28] She intended to kill Kimi Nishino, Nishiki's human girlfriend, to protect their identities as ghouls. After Nishiki fled Kaneki began to have a mental breakdown, unable to comprehend the ways of ghouls. Mado appeared and fought the combined team of Hinami and Touka, and finally he got killed by Touka's finishing attack. Aunque él no estaba de acuerdo con las ideas de su hermana sobre la humanidad, aún se preocupa por su seguridad a pesar de haberse unido a Aogiri. Prometieron "jugar siempre juntas" incluso después de que terminaron la escuela. Más tarde se encuentra con Kaneki mientras visita :re como Sasaki y ella lo identifica. Because she unleashed her kagune at a young age, she gained a half-kagune. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Tsukiyama quickly heals the wound and tells Touka that she's become weaker than her past self. Yoshimura asked Touka what she knew about the recent organ transplant scandal, which Touka admitted to knowing little about. This was mainly due to Mutsuki's secret obsession toward her mentor Haise Sasaki.[90]. To Kaneki (when he tried to eat Hide): "Seems you've become pretty reprehensible. Tsukiyama suggested that they should work on bringing his memories back. Read more information about the character Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul? [88] Following her enrollment into school, he left and Touka would receive word about his rampages in other wards, affecting her deeply and developed her fear of losing those she loves. As Hori explained, Touka called him an idiot before telling him that he should be grateful for the rescue. See opinions and rankings about Touka Kirishima across various lists and topics. Reacting in surprise at first as if she did not see the point, she still attended school that Yoshimura paid for, and came to cherish and enjoy it, despite the hard work that accompanied it.

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