Hobbies: I love making making music with friends, playing Animal Crossing, cooking, and painting with diamonds. During her final year at Boise State University, Natalia is interning with the BSU Writing for Change Journal, a new multimodal online publishing space for student and community writing. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Meeting new people! Program and Year: English, 4th year undergraduate. If you are looking for targeted feedback, prefer to work independently, or just don't have time to meet for an hour, then asynchronous feedback is a great option for you! Contact Us. Hobbies: Running, reading, spoiling our 9lb pup, and exploring new bites and sights. Favorite projects to work on: Brainstorming, outlining, working on literary/critical analysis papers, historical analysis, and creative projects. I enjoy working within the community and working with kids! Aly is a writing center consultant who is passionate about working with students to not only … Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy reading, journaling, and tending to my indoor jungle. Camryn is a senior English Teaching major with a minor in Linguistics. Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing, 1st year MA, Favorite projects to work on: Personal statements, professional and academic applications, résumés, outlines, Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Experiencing writers' different writing styles and problem-solving through critical thinking. The proposal writing process can be daunting, but CT Grant Writers is here to help. I enjoy working with resumes, statements of purpose, and philosophical arguments. ), and asking questions in search of clarity. Hobbies: hiking, writing, gardening, making/creating, Favorite projects to work on: early drafts, synthesis or research papers, professional documents, application documents. To and From: Publications and the MSU Writing Center, STAF – Strategies & Tools Across Fields: Teaching with Writing, msu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_uwOlSgSKTzCU0Kp_Y3dyow. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: The variety of students I get to work with. Her experiences have given her a global mindset and belief that hard work and the right frame of mind makes anything possible. I have previously worked as a tutor at The UA Writing Center and have experience working with all types of assignments and projects, with additional emphasis on technical and professional writing. She wants every writer to be proud of the words they put on paper. Parker loves to tap into people’s creative side and loves to help those grow in confidence when it comes to writing. Program and Year: If so, don't panic! The way Jenna consults students, is in a collaborative environment, meaning student’s thoughts and ideas are equal, if not more important, than her own. We are excited to work with you throughout your college career to help you develop paths forward with any writing project, at any stage of the process. Program: Student Affairs Administration, 2nd year M.A. Hobbies: I love to write fiction stories, read, and watch Netflix, Program and Year: Emily is a master’s student studying English Literature, and she teaches English 101 and 102 in Boise State’s First-Year Writing Program. The workshop is on Thursday, April 8th at 4 PM. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Everyone is so kind and easy to work with! CT Grant Writers brings over 20 years of experience to provide grant writing, training, program development, and research services to a variety of public, private, and government entities. Rhetoric and Writing, 1st year PhD Student, Favorite projects to work on: CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters, Digital Projects, Websites. She plans on graduating in the spring of 2021, but you can catch her on campus registering students to vote this fall! We aim to develop effective communications regardless of skill level and background. Rhetoric and Writing, 1st Year PhD Student. Participants will consider and strategize new avenues for action to disrupt sexual violence rhetoric within their classrooms, campuses, and communities. Hobbies: I love reading my Bible, lettering/journaling, making Spotify playlists, watching/reading the news, hula hooping, and writing! Hello! Camryn particularly enjoys consulting creative and literature-based projects, but is excited to tackle any projects that come her way. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU:Students, Hobbies: Eating Mexican food, watching Netflix, walking around parks, and trying new food places, Program and Year: Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: talking about interesting ideas with interesting people! Program and Year: Rhetoric and Writing, 1st Year PhD Student, Favorite projects to work on: multimodal projects, narratives, and analysis work, Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Getting to work with wonderful colleagues to uplift and support writers, Hobbies: Watching hockey, going to concerts, playing games with friends, Program and Year: Critical Studies in Literacy and Pedagogy, 1st year MA. Caitlin is a third-year student majoring in Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication, minoring in German. A variety of courses and research on multilingual writing, agency, and diverse research methods make Jesus excellent at brainstorming, adapting to genres while preserving writers' voices, revising content (consistency, formatting, flow, etc. As a consultant, Jenna’s outlook on writing is that everyone has a story to tell and students should come to the writing center prepared to learn something they did not already know. Her blended background in STEM as an Ecological Vegetation Technician for Idaho National Lab and as the editor of Idaho Native Plant Society, and her nearly complete certificate in Technical Communications lends itself to her direct and holistic inquiry based consulting style. Favorite projects to work on: APA style guide formatting and citation, report writing, cover letters, resumes and CVs, abstracts for conferences, research proposals, personal reflection, creative nonfiction, email messages, discussion posts within D2L or Moodle. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love having the opportunity to work with people on projects that they are passionate about! Program and Year: As much as they enjoy the stereotypical good book and cup of tea, they value the ability of literature to empower both writers and readers. Struggling with writers block? As a writing consultant, I can help students self reflect on experiences as well as discourses to help them create their best work! Amanda is a senior in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. Why do you love it? Kailee is a senior earning her Materials Science and Engineering bachelor’s degree. they/them/theirs or she/her/hers, Favorite projects to work on: articles for publication, long-term writing projects, CVs/resumes, creative writing. Camryn’s work in the Writing Center allows her to transfer her teaching skills and philosophies into collaborative sessions with writers, creating a productive and empowering environment. Hobbies: Spending time with my dogs, playing Animal Crossing, competitive swimming, bike riding, reading, and playing trumpet, Program and Year: Rhetoric and Writing, 4th year PhD student, Favorite projects to work on: Cover Letters, Research Papers, First Drafts, FYW Projects, Presentations, Speeches, Creative Writing, Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: The community and the candy bowl, Program and Year: Hobbies: I crochet and knit, as well as play trombone in the marching band, Program and Year Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, 5th year Ph.D. Faculty Services We are available to assist faculty with integrating writing into courses across disciplines, to support special writing projects, and to accept individual student referrals. Writing Center — Writing Consultants. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love interacting with so many people and helping clients to improve their work. During the Fall and Spring semesters, WRC consultants will offer campus writers both real-time online appointments and asynchronous writing review, or eTutoring.All appointments will be conducted through the WRC Scheduling Software.Please visit our online consulting page for instructions and guidelines on both real time consulting and eTutoring. Why do you love it? With her background in teaching, Madison thrives in the Writing Centers 1 on 1 environment and aims to help students by acting as a supportive partner in their writing. Contact the Writing Center Director, Dr. Sikorski at April.Sikorski@brazosport.edu. She believes writing is not a gift, but rather, a skill that improves with practice, and even more importantly, an essential tool, enabling writers to delve beneath the surface of a problem to not only learn, but to create knowledge. Carmen holds Bachelor degrees in Engineering, Spanish, and the History of Visual Culture, an MA in Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Program and Year: Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, 4th year PhD, Favorite projects to work on: Literature reviews, dissertation proposals, graduate school personal statements, and CVs/resumes. Each University Writing Center consultant has achieved academic success and received training certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I enjoy helping students gain confidence in their ideas and assisting them in finding their voice through writing. More specifically, Madison emphasizes audience awareness, and communicating ideas effectively. There are a lot of people here who want to provide support to the MSU community and change the world in a positive way!>, Hobbies: Reading, writing, hiking, participating in research, finding new plants or animals I've never noticed before, Program and Year: Writing Center Consultants. Favorite projects to work on: Any creative writing, fiction or otherwise. Mon-Thurs: 8 am to 8 pm Fri: 8 am to 12 noon Main Bldg, E.220 979.230.3174. Favorite projects to work on: When it comes to other people's work as well as my own, I enjoy helping with the beginning processes of a paper. If these strategies don't help, the Writing Center is always here for you! Rhetorics and Writing, PhD Student, Hometown Michigan: Detroit, Ferndale, Clarkston, Flint, and Mount Pleasant, Favorite projects to work on: I love working with multilingual students; I also really enjoy working on environmental writing, Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love the variety of work that I see and support in the WC. Hobbies: Hiking, Kayaking, Reading, and Making Spotify Playlists. Madison has been in the Writing Center for three years, and has a passion for guiding students towards growth in their writing skills. In Fall of 2019, Aly studied abroad in Stirling, Scotland, where she also worked as a photography intern. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love the collaborative nature of all the WC@MSU community. Graduate Writing Consultant. Kennedy’s dedication to her academics as well as her honors college status have led her to gain access and invitations to wonderful resources, like the Phi Kappa Phi National Honors Society, which promotes interdisciplinary success. Yet, she also finds the humanities and creative essays fascinating; if she hadn’t pursued Biology, Sofi would have been a historian. Year and Program: Hobbies: Reading, writing, teaching, sweets, & watching TV, Program and Year: Out of ideas? Hobbies: Reading, coloring, sewing, walking my dogs, and watching Netflix! Consultants can help you brainstorm, organize, plan, cite, revise, or develop proofreading techniques—and more! When she is not writing, Parker is spending her time working at The Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school where she learns new beauty techniques every day. Hobbies: I used to love playing tennis, now I only have time to watch. Program and Year: English, 3rd year PhD student. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Meeting new people every day! The Writing Center is now accepting applications to become writing consultants for the 2021-2022 academic year! Try talking out your ideas, free writing, or creating a visual map. Carmen’s poetry translations have been published in the Hayden Ferry Review and Lunch Ticket. Amanda is interested in engaging with and learning about different perspectives and world views and helping students find the best way to communicate those perspectives. Each year, thousands of SU students from various academic and cultural backgrounds visit the Writing Center for help with a wide range of writing projects, including academic assignments, internship applications and professional … ... See MoreSee Less, 300 Ernst Bessey Hall, 434 Farm Ln, East Lansing, MI 48824, it’s that time of the year! ), and academic journal articles. 4th year, Undergraduate, Favorite projects to work on: creative writing projects and brainstorming, Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love collaborating with other consultants and helping students achieve their intended goals. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: All the people who work at the WC! Everest. Program and Year: Flute Performance College of Music, Doctoral Candidate Student, Favorite projects to work on: resumé, CV, cover letters, etc. The Writing Center will forward your request to a member of our staff who will offer feedback, comments, suggestions, and resources within 24 hours. Hometown: Born in Jasper, AL. Hobbies: traveling, hiking, crocheting, & caring for my plants, Program and Year: Professional and Public Writing, 3rd year undergraduate Student. Favorite projects to work on: I love and thrive in creative writing! I also love the environment that the WC creates and the community of it. This is her second year working as a Writing Center consultant. As a film-studying writing consultant, she continues to promote the idea that being a flexible and growing writer is not limited to language studies. In his fourth undergraduate year, senior and multilingual student Jesus is pursuing a BA in Linguistics. Favorite projects to work on: I'm excited to find out. Favorite projects to work on: Application materials, resumés/CVs, dissertations, and brainstorming. Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, going on hikes, and baking. Michelle loves working with personal statements, developing proposals, and brainstorming creative projects. The Writing Center Meet Our Staff Our staff includes about 30 peer consultants -- advanced undergraduates and graduates -- who as a group speak more than 10 languages fluently and who have studied in over 30 academic fields and disciplines. Program and Year: Critical Studies in Literacy and Pedagogy, 1st Year MA. Program and Year: Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing, 2nd year, MA, Favorite projects to work on: Storytelling, collaborating, and resource-sharing. Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy window-shopping on Etsy, crafting, and binge-watching Criminal Minds. In addition to his journalistic work, David also helped write three episodes of a TV show for Boise State’s Narrative Television Initiative and enjoys watching, discussing and writing about visual media. Kate is an undergraduate consultant majoring in global studies with minors in economics and French. Alyssa Minney. Nichelle is a Graduate Assistant in the Writing Center. Program and Year: Spring 2021 Writing Center Raffle! Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: My favorite thing about writing center work is learning from the writers I work with, and helping people feel good about the content they create. Madison is a 5th year undergraduate student studying secondary education with an emphasis in English, and Spanish. The Writing Center offers one-on-one consulting services to support the success of all Syracuse University students. The writing consultants the center employs can help you invent, organize, and revise your documents to meet the specific requirements established during class. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Working in a community that values its members and leads with empathy. Psychology and Professional Writing, 4th year undergraduate, Favorite projects to work on: Brainstorming ideas, HPS essays, creative writing pieces, and multimodal projects. Hobbies: Binge-watching, working out, and listening to music, Program and Year: Journalism (concentration in Environmental, Science & Health Reporting) Undergraduate Senior, Favorite projects to work on: All things, but I especially like working with clients on helping them to improve papers or assignments and brainstorming. They also strive to be a resource to LGBT writers, or to anyone writing about issues of power and disadvantage. Their favorite part of writing center work is connecting with unique individuals and ideas, as well as the enrichment that comes from collaboration. Program and Year: Political Science, 2nd year undergraduate, Favorite projects to work on: Social Science, History, and Arts and Humanities Essays. David also worked as a journalist for a year and loves to help writers sift through their work to find the heart of their piece, especially if there is a strict word count involved. Rhetoric and Writing, 2nd year PhD Student. Staff. When assigned to a course, the writing consultant's main responsibility is to provide appropriate written commentary on a student's rough draft and to meet the student in a brief writing conference to provide feedback and helpful writing … Tells us in the comments what song you chose! She recently returned to Boise after studying abroad in Lyon, France and is excited to graduate from BSU in the spring of 2021! ... See MoreSee Less, Write about a song you love! In the Writing Center, Carlee works to ensure writers leave their sessions feeling confident in their ideas. Hobbies: reading, writing, and cooking, Program and Year: Student Affairs Administration, 1st year MA, Favorite projects to work on: education abroad program. I also love sharing literacy journeys with multilingual writers. Favorite projects to work on: first-year writing; social justice & education; CVs; Graduate Applications; Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I enjoy supporting students to achieve their individual academic and professional goals. Tells us in the comments what song you chose! Feel free to make an appointment with us to get yourself unstuck: writing.msu.edu The Center offers a peaceful study environment where undergraduate and graduate students can work independently or with writing consultants who take a collaborative, student-directed approach to learning. Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, and spending time with friends. Our consultants have backgrounds in a range of academic disciplines, are well versed in composition, and have both general and specialized subject-matter expertise. Favorite projects to work on: Critical Analysis Papers. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: The supportive community. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Remember that you must have a Hartford UConn Writing Center account and must be a currently-enrolled undergraduate student at the Hartford campus. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Collaborating with incredible writers, and the sense of community at the Center! She is currently pursuing a BS in Anthropology and a BA in English Linguistics, with minors in both Economics and Creative Writing. I also love reading, making extremely genre specific Spotify playlists, rewatching The West Wing, and making my friends take personality tests. Hobbies: I am extremely passionate about food and I love serving people. She believes that communication is a pivotal aspect of every person’s life and focuses on highlighting individual voices during consultations. She is working on her MA in Rhetoric and Composition and wants to be a writing center director after she’s finished with school. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love helping students find their voice in their writing! Rhetoric & Writing, 1st Year PhD Student, Hometown: Ithaca, NY; Toledo, OH; Lexington, KY, Favorite projects to work on: brainstorming, early drafts, narratives, reflective writing, first year writing projects, and any writing in the humanities and social sciences. Rhetoric and Writing, 4th Year PhD Candidate, Favorite projects to work on: Application materials (personal statements, cover letters, etc. If so, don't panic! Nikki is her final year at Boise State University. The variety of student writing Jenna has experienced has led to flexibility and the understanding of proper communication techniques that teachers and consultants should use when addressing students’ work. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Listening to people and learning about their ideas and perspectives. She’s also had the opportunity to present research at The International Writing Center Association’s conferences in 2017 and 2019 to advocate awareness on two especially meaningful topics for her: writing apprehension and the accessibility of writing services. Hobbies: listening to music (yes, even country), rock climbing, hiking, traveling, writing, and reading, Program and Year: Journalism and Political Science, 3rd-year undergraduate. ), persuasive essays, applications for scholarships or grants, letters for jobs or internships, and writing across various academic and professional disciplines. Favorite projects to work on: Personal narratives, rhetorical analysis, cover letters, or multimedia projects. Hobbies: I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, and chilling with my cat, Program and Year: About Writing Consultants. Favorite projects to work on: I love working specifically with literature-based assignments! Program and Year: Applied Behavior Analysis, 2nd year Master's Student, Favorite projects to work on: Resume/Cover Letters, Brainstorming/Outlining, Research Papers. The Writing Center offers both asynchronous and synchronous appointments. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and French, with a minor in psychology and a Master's degree in education. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: helping other people better understand their writing process while earning great grades. As a consultant, Amanda is interested in working with research writing, critical analysis, and because of her major, is skilled in technical communication. The Writing Center is a resource you should use to help you improve your writing. McKena is a Boise State Writing Center consultant and a psychology major, meaning she has a solid grasp on all things APA. Favorite projects to work on: Scholarship applications, arguementative essays, analytical pieces, and research assignments. I'm Alana, a former teacher and a current graduate student in anthropology. She loves working with creative, academic, and professional writing. Computer science (games and interactive media ), 3rd Year Undergraduate, Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, art, gaming, streaming, Program and Year: Neuroscience, 3rd year undergraduate. Kate is active in both ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) and French Club at Boise State. English with a minor in Arts & Cultural Management. Sessions are led by faculty-recommended and trained peer writing consultants. The Writing Center assists writers at all levels of experience, across all majors. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Working with cool clients from all over the world! Students who have some form of a draft that they’d like to have reviewed can request written feedback from a writing consultant. I also love to spend time with my family and my two dogs! Sofi is a Biology undergraduate student at Boise State. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I appreciate the community of writers that the writing center brings together. Outside of the WC, Michelle teaches first-year writing and Intro to Tech Comm, studies the history of magic, and enjoys learning useless pieces of trivia. Parker is an undergraduate student at Boise State studying Business Administration with a minor in marketing. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love that I am able to help a plethora of people on their writing journeys. Meet our Rhetoric and Writing Center Consultants. Having worked as a carousel operator, restaurant hostess, bookkeeper, barista, and now writing consultant, Caitlin has not only the education, but also the real-world skills to help writers with resumes and cover letters. The Writing Center is beginning the process of hiring new consultants for next Fall 2021 semester. Whether the piece is feeling a bit long or aimless, or if a writer is simply feeling overwhelmed, David excels at working with writers to find focus. it’s that time of the year! Outside the Writing Center, he likes being a Resident Assistant, meeting new people thorugh BSU clubs, and doing research through the McNair Scholars program. Hobbies: Crafting, gardening, reading, cooking, Program and Year: Teacher Education, 2nd Year PhD, Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan and San Francisco, CA, Favorite projects to work on: GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATIONS!, APA, "professional documents," undergraduate writing and research. Past Writing Consultants We appreciate the contributions of our past consultants and have archived them here in remembrance of their work here with us. Hobbies: Running, reading, drawing, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family! You can make recurring appointments with the same consultant if you’re tackling large writing projects like your thesis or dissertation. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I really enjoy working with other people and learning from them. Take the … Hobbies: Training Pets, Reading, Volleyball, Playing Ukelele, Fishkeeping, Psychology and Dance 2nd year, Undergraduate Student, Favorite projects to work on: reflective writing, creative writing, narratives, dance essays and psychology essays. You can request a particular consultant when making an appointment The specialties and bios of our consultants are listed below: Writing Consultants… Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love getting to meet and make connections with so many different Spartans while working with their writing assignments! Then, this presentation seeks to interrogate and dispel common rape culture myths used in contemporary American rhetoric, discourse, and ideology. If you are still having issues accessing the doc, you can message the chat on our website and a receptionist will be happy to help! Hobbies: indulging in candy, having alone time, dancing, watching Youtube videos, and manifesting a happy life, Program and Year: Philosophy Pre-Law, 4th year undergraduate student. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Broadening my academic and social circles! Hobbies: Reading, working out and playing video games, Program and Year: History; Women's and Gender Studies; Psychology, 3rd Year Undergraduate, Favorite projects to work on: Creative writing, research projects. Hobbies: This year, I am baking my way through a season of The Great British Baking Show. ), science writing, multimodal projects. Then, this presentation seeks to interrogate and dispel common rape culture myths used in contemporary American rhetoric, discourse, and ideology. After college, she wants to be hired at a publishing house to edit novels, magazines or other forms of fiction literature. I'm just getting started. Jenna is an undergraduate student at Boise State studying Elementary Education while endorsing in Teaching English as a Second Language, English as a New Language and Literacy. What we do: The Writing Center provides writing support to undergraduate and graduate students. Buck’s passion for writing center work stems from a deep desire to help students know themselves through writing; because they understand the way that language shapes our reality, Buck most enjoys working with writers on program applications and statements of purpose, as well as any kind of analysis or creative writing. Hobbies: Running, discovering new music, and watching movies, Program and Year: Master of Public Policy, 1 Year MA, Favorite projects to work on: Brainstorming, research papers, and organizing content of any type of work. Her areas of interest include applying theoretical frameworks to writing projects, taking deep-dives into critical analyses, and engaging with the rhetorical elements at work in any writing piece. You might meet them at the library late at night, feel free to say hi! You can make an appointment with our online scheduling system, or just drop-by without an appointment. Our undergraduate consultants are your trained peers with a variety of writing and research strengths, majors, minors, and interests! Candidate. Believing in the power of the writer’s voice, Michelle aims to help students communicate their own ideas authentically, as well as develop their own writing skills through the assignments they bring into the center. Special notice regarding the COVID-19 epidemic: The Writing Center will be closed the week of March 16, as the university prepares for remote learning. Hobbies: Reading, cooking, listening to music, and hanging out with my dog, Program and Year: Critical Studies in Literacy and Pedagogy, 1st year MA, Favorite projects to work on: first-year writing, short essays, research essays, personal essays. Consultants and Specialties. German Studies 2nd year, Master's Student, Favorite projects to work on: Persuasive essays and short stories, Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Meeting new people, Hobbies: video games, Foreign languages, reading, writing, hiking, video games, board games. Program and Year: Even as a STEM major, she took many creative and technical writing classes. What does it remind you of? Hobbies: I enjoy finding new music, working out, hanging with family, and putting on amazing shows with my Fashion Organization. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Helping my peers grow in writing and confidence! Kennedy’s background lends her the skills to partner on writing projects such as podcast scripts, TED Talks, critical analyses, and research essays. Hobbies: Reading, discovering new music, playing the piano, Program and Year: Journalism, 1st year, Master's Student, Favorite projects to work on: Intro WRA writing, Resumes, Brainstorming, Critical Literary Analysis.