lieux. [20][21] In 1572 some 3000 Huguenots were slaughtered in Paris in the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. Reine claude (Prunus domestica italica) tree species was planted in the gardens of the Château. However, the exterior defensive structures, in the form of portcullis and moats surrounding the thick walls of the châteaux' forts were retained. [52] Spread out across the Loire Valley are 87 appellation under the AOC, VDQS and Vin de Pays systems. Aulnay-la-Rivière is a commune in the Loiret department in north-central France. Climats – Weinbauparzellen in Burgund (2015, K) | The Loire flows roughly northward through Roanne and Nevers to Orléans and thereafter westward through Tours to Nantes, where it forms an estuary. Die Gäste loben den Pool und die Badezimmer in unseren Bewertungen. The Atlantic coast is home to several aquatic herbs, the important species is Salicornia, which is used as a culinary ingredient on account of its diuretic value. The French government undertook this major plan, chiefly because pollution and overfishing had reduced approximately 100,000 salmon migrating annually to their spawning grounds in the headwaters of the Loire and its tributaries to just 67 salmon in 1996 on the upper Allier. The Loire is the longest river in France and the 171st longest in the world. Entfernung, Kosten (Maut, Kraftstoff, Kosten pro Insasse und Reisezeit Moisdon-la-Rivière - Nozay , unter Berücksichtigung des Straßenverkehrs Four nuclear power plants are located on the river: Belleville, Chinon, Dampierre and Saint-Laurent. Cécile Gallien est présidente de la commission locale de l’eau du SAGE Loire amont en tant que représentante du Département de Haute-Loire. Newts of the Loire include the Marbled Newt (Triturus marmoratus), Smooth Newt (T. vulgaris), Alpine Newt (T. alpestris) and Palmate Newt (T. Merci à l'employée de mairie pour son accueil chaleureux et bienveillant. L'Allier aurait pu être le fleuve et la Loire la rivière. Forgot account? In 2002, the WWF aided a second Loire Nature project and expanded its scope to the entire basin, addressing some 4,500 hectares (11,000 acres) of land under a budget of US$18 million, mainly funded by government and public bodies, such as the Établissement Publique Loire (EPL), a public institution which had formerly advocated large-scale dam projects on the river.[42]. [30], The Centre region of the Loire river valley accounts for the largest forest in France, the forest of Orléans (French: Forêt d'Orléans), covering an area of 38,234 hectares (94,480 acres), and the 5,440-hectare (13,400-acre) forested park known as the "Foret de Chambord". Route Moisdon-la-Rivière - Nozay. Augerville-la-Rivière ist eine Gemeinde mit 230 Einwohnern (Stand 1. Ze strôomt van de zuudôostkantn van Vrankryk nôordwoarts noa 't midd'n van't land en buugt ton of noa 't westn vo uut te mound'n in d'Atlantische Oceoane. Les dernières pièces produites. The monarchy of France ruled in the Loire Valley for several centuries, giving it the name of "The Valley of Kings". The great Loire salmon, a subspecies of Atlantic salmon, is regarded as the symbolic fish of the river. [14] The English defeated the French in 1356 and Aquitaine came under English control in 1360. La Rivière von Mapcarta, die freie Karte. Whereas the total biomass is low in the upper reaches, the biodiversity is high, with more than 250 taxa at Orléans. Freuen Sie sich auf Privatpools, Parkplätze auf dem Gelände und einen Garten. The Villerest dam, built in 1985 a few kilometres (a few miles) south of Roanne,[33] has played a key-role in preventing recent flooding. Many of them are migratory, with 11 species ascending the river for spawning. In 1894 a company was set up to promote improvements to the navigation from Nantes to Briare. 5. Durch die Länge des Flusslaufes und die bedeutende Abflussmenge hat der Fluss große Auswirkungen auf die Gestaltung des Loiretals und die Umweltbedingungen für seine Bewohner. Musée de la Loire, Cosne-sur-Loire. Vineyards and châteaux are found along the banks of the river throughout this section and are a major tourist attraction. Of those, five species were growing in population, four declining, and other eight were fluctuating. 459 people like this. Fléré-la-Rivière ist eine Gemeinde in Frankreich. On December 2, 2000, UNESCO added the central part of the Loire valley, between Bouchemaine in Anjou and Sully-sur-Loire in Loiret, to its list of World Heritage Sites. Pays de la Loire, waterways guide No. In 1429, Joan of Arc persuaded Charles VII to drive out the English from the country. Propreté 5/5 Confort 4/5 Accueil du propriétaire 5/5 Rapport qualité/prix 4/5 Hinterlegt am 20/08/2020. During the harvest months rain can cause the grapes to be harvested under ripe but can also aid in the development of Botrytis cinerea for the region's dessert wines. The Loire has inspired many poets and writers, including: Charles d'Orléans, François Rabelais, René Guy Cadou [fr], Clément Marot, Pierre de Ronsard, Joachim du Bellay, Jean de La Fontaine, Charles Péguy, Gaston Couté; and painters such as: Raoul Dufy, J. M. W. Turner, Gustave Courbet, Auguste Rodin, Félix Edouard Vallotton, Jacques Villon, Jean-Max Albert, Charles Leduc [fr], Edmond Bertreux [fr], and Jean Chabot. Nach 2,5 km trifft sie ihren ersten Nebenfluss, Aigue Nègre, der schon 4 km durchlaufen hat. It also depends strongly on the season, and the flow of only 10 m3/s (350 cu ft/s) is not uncommon in August–September near Orléans. [4] With a length of 1,006 kilometres (625 mi),[2] it drains 117,054 km2 (45,195 sq mi), more than a fifth of France's land[1] while its average discharge is only half that of the Rhône. [1] It is also known as the Garden of France – due to the abundance of vineyards, fruit orchards, artichoke, asparagus and cherry fields which line the banks of the river[44] – and also as the "cradle of the French language". Historically the wineries of the Loire Valley have been small, family owned operations that do a lot of estate bottling. Son débit a été observé depuis le 1 er mars 1946 (75 ans), à la station K0454010 - La Dunières à Sainte-Sigolène (Vaubarlet), à 584 m d'altitude, localité de la Haute-Loire située à peu de distance en amont de son confluent avec le Lignon du Velay [2].Le bassin versant de la rivière y est de 228 km 2 ce qui représente à peu près sa totalité. Im Jahr 2000 wurde das Loiretal zwischen den Städten Sully-sur-Loire und Chalonnes-sur-Loire zum Weltkulturerbe der UNESCO erklärt. [12] In 408, the Iranian tribe of Alans crossed the Loire and large hordes of them settled along the middle course of the Loire in Gaul under King Sangiban. [53] Among these different wine styles, Loire wines tend to exhibit characteristic fruitiness with fresh, crisp flavours-especially in their youth.[51]. 647 people like this. [47] Gardens, both ornamental fountains, footpaths flower beds and tended grass) and kitchen type (to grow vegetables), also accentuated the opulence of the châteaux. 50.43 km 2 (19.47 sq mi) Population (Jan. 2018) 1,960 • Density: 39/km 2 (100/sq mi) Time zone: UTC+01:00 • Summer : UTC+02:00 : INSEE/Postal code: 44099 /44520. [4] The number of sunny hours per year varies between 1400 and 2200 and increases from northwest to southeast. Abteikirche und Stadthügel von Vézelay (1979), Bauwerke: The sedimentary domain consists of limestone and carbonaceous rocks, that, where saturated, form productive aquifers. Loire River, longest river in France, rising in the southern Massif Central and flowing north and west for 634 miles (1,020 km) to the Atlantic Ocean, which it enters south of the Bretagne (Brittany) peninsula. [1] The lower course of the river is characterized by wetlands and fens, which are of major importance to conservation, given that they form unique habitats for migratory birds.[1]. 5. Römische und romanische Denkmäler von Arles (1981) | Die Loire fließt dann nordwärts durch Roanne bis nach Digoin, von wo der Canal du Centre sie mit dem Rhône-Zufluss Saône verbindet. Januar 2018) in Frankreich, etwa 80 km von Paris und 30 km von Fontainebleau entfernt. Today the river is officially navigable as far as Bouchemaine,[28] where the Maine joins it near Angers. [1], With more than 100 alga species, the Loire has the highest phytoplankton diversity among French rivers. helveticus). It was nearly closed in 1971 but, in the early 21st century, it still provides navigation further up the Loire valley to Digoin. [citation needed] Modern man inhabited the Loire valley around 30 ka. [49] Archaeological evidence suggest that the Romans planted the first vineyards in the Loire Valley during their settlement of Gaul in the 1st century AD. [16] During the reign of François I from 1515 to 1547, the Italian Renaissance had a profound influence upon the region, as people adopted its elements in the architecture and culture, particularly among the elite who expressed its principles in their chateaus. The chronology of the rulers is presented; in the table below.[5]. Gallic rule ended in the valley in 56 BC when Julius Caesar conquered the adjacent provinces for Rome. Chauvet-Grotte bei Vallon-Pont-d’Arc (2014) | They also began building the city of Caesarodunum, now Tours, from AD 1. Vo 't Frans departement, kykt noa Loire (departement).. De Loire es e riviere in Vrankryk die mè oar lengte van 1006 kilomèiters de langste riviere van't land es. Riviere, Centre-Loire Valley. The Loire Valley (French: Vallée de la Loire) lies in the middle stretch of the river, extends for about 280 km (170 mi) and comprises an area of roughly 800 km2 (310 sq mi). The largest tributary of the river is the Allier, 410 km (250 mi) in length, which joins the Loire near the town of Nevers at 46°57′34″N 3°4′44″E / 46.95944°N 3.07889°E / 46.95944; 3.07889. 5. The Vin de Pays du Jardin de la France refers to any varietally labelled wine, such as Chardonnay, that is produced in the region outside of an AOC designation. Das Wetter für La Rivière, der Wetterbericht sowie die 9-Tages Wetter für die Region Pays de la Loire. In between are the regions of Anjou, Saumur, Bourgueil, Chinon, and Vouvray. Très propre. Der 2014 auf Kiel gelegte Neubau ist mit einem Seitenradantrieb ausgestattet, um trotz geringer Wassertiefe fahren zu können.[7]. The toads include Bufo bufo, Alytes obstetricans, Bombina variegata, Bufo calamita, Pelobates fuscus and Pelobates cultripes. In 1707, floods were said to have drowned 50,000 people in the river valley,[24] with the water rising more than 3 m (9.8 ft) in two hours in Orléans. L'Allier, guère moins long que la Loire en amont du Bec d'Allier (respectivement 425 et 460 km), donne en effet sa direction au fleuve à la … Log In. Die Bewohner nennen sich Alnétais. They are then joined by multicellular forms including Fragilaria crotonensis, Nitzschia fruticosa and Skeletonema potamos, as well as green algae which form star-shaped or prostrate colonies. Bischofstadt Albi (2010) | Tal der Loire - Zwischen Sully-sur-Loire und Chalonnes-sur-Loire (2000, K) | Januar 2018) im Département Indre-et-Loire in der Region Centre-Val de Loire. Closed Now. Les Rosiers-sur-Loire by Jean-Jacques Delusse [fr], 1800. Moisdon-la-Rivière is a commune of 1,951 people (2017). [42], The WWF, BirdLife International, and local conservation bodies have also made considerable efforts to improve the conservation of the Loire estuary and its surroundings, given that they are unique habitats for migrating birds. Route Moisdon-la-Rivière - Rougé. Log In. Abteikirche von Saint-Savin (1983) | [43] The final dam was decommissioned by Électricité de France at a cost of 7 million francs in 1998. There are two generic designation that can be used across the whole of the Loire Valley. The Loire (/lwɑːr/, also US: /luˈɑːr/; French: [lwaʁ] (listen); Occitan: Léger; Latin: Liger) is the longest river in France and the 171st longest in the world. In dieser Zeit fand hier ein Großteil der französischen Politik statt, so dass Paris zeitweise fast provinziellen Charakter annahm. [41], In 1986, the French government, the Loire-Brittany Water Agency and the EPALA settled an agreement on flood prevention and water About See All. Urlaubs- und Wochenendtipps für einen gelungenen Aufenthalt im Loiretal: Schlösser der Loire, Weinbaugebiete und Radwanderungen… Erkunden Sie die als … [51], The area includes 87 appellations under the Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC), Vin Délimité de Qualité Superieure (VDQS) and Vin de pays systems. La Rivière ist liegt südlich von La Grand Patais. Furnishings inside the châteaux also witnessed changes to suit the living styles of its occupants. Schloss und Park von Versailles (1979) | Finde Immobilie zum Kauf in La Rivière, Centre-Val de Loire. It is identified as temperate maritime climate, and is characterised by the lack of dry seasons and by heavy rains and snowfall in winter, especially in the upper streams. Religious wars followed and in 1560 Catholics drowned several hundred Protestants in the river. In 1700 the port of Nantes numbered more inland waterway craft than any other port in France, testifying to the historic importance of navigation on France’s longest river. Le Loir est une rivière du centre-ouest de la France, dans les quatre départements d'Eure-et-Loir, de Loir-et-Cher, de Maine-et-Loire, de la Sarthe, dans les deux régions Centre-Val de Loire et Pays de la Loire, et un affluent de la Sarthe, donc un sous-affluent de la Loire Französische Süd- und Antarktisgebiete (2019, N) | Diese Villa im historischen Stil bietet Ihnen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt in Fléré-la-Rivière. The river has a discharge rate of 863 m3/s (30,500 cu ft/s), which is an average over the period 1967–2008. [1], Nearly every freshwater fish species of France can be found in the Loire river basin, that is, about 57 species from 20 families. The Crémant de Loire which refers to any sparkling wine made according to the traditional method of Champagne. Prähistorische Pfahlbauten um die Alpen (2011) | 5 out of 5 stars. Not Now. Bois de la Rivière ist liegt in der Nähe von Le Rond Point. When the French kings began constructing their huge châteaux here, the nobility, not wanting or even daring to be far from the seat of power, followed suit. In the 5th century, the Roman Empire declined and the Franks and the Alemanni came to the area from the east. 10, Editions du Breil. Ausschlaggebend waren das reiche architektonische Erbe, insbesondere die zahlreichen Schlösser, und die zweitausend Jahre alte Entwicklung des Loiretals als Kulturlandschaft.[5]. Abtei von Fontenay (1981) | Von Orléans bis kurz hinter Blois fließt die Loire in südwestlicher Richtung, danach mit Abweichungen nach Westen. The Loire Valley itself follows the river through the Loire province to the river's origins in the Cévennes but the majority of the wine production takes place in the regions noted above. [15] Her successful relief of the siege of Orléans, on the Loire, was the turning point of the war. Ceded territory to the, He had strange marriages, including Anne, a four-year-old bride who married the heir of, Second cousin of Louis XII. The basement domain primarily consists of metamorphic and siliceous fragmented rocks with groundwater occurring in fissures. Golf von Porto: Piana Calanche, Golf von Girolata und Naturschutzgebiet Scandola (1983, N) | storage programme in the basin, involving construction of four large dams, one on the Loire itself and three on the Allier and Cher. Kathedrale von Amiens (1981) | Hundreds more were drowned in the Loire by Catholics.[16]. Lavoûte-sur-Loire, 10 km flussabwärts von Le Puy-en-Velay, Loire bei Andrézieux, Endpunkt der ersten (Pferde-)Eisenbahn des europäischen Kontinents, Fragliche Reste einer Römerbrücke[8] in Tours, Historische Stadtzentren: Not Now. [49], The Loire Valley is often divided into three sections. The endangered species include grayling (Thymallus thymallus), burbot (Lota lota) and bitterling (Rhodeus sericeus) and the non-native species are represented by the rock bass (Ambloplites rupestris). With a length of 1,006 kilometres (625 mi), it drains 117,054 km (45,195 sq mi), more than a fifth of France's land while its average discharge is only half that of the Rhône. "an exceptional cultural landscape, of great beauty, comprised of historic cities and villages, great architectural monuments – the Châteaux – and lands that have been cultivated and shaped by centuries of interaction between local populations and their physical environment, in particular the Loire itself. 1. [51] The climate can be very cool with spring time frost being a potential hazard for the vines. Proposals to develop a fully navigable river up to Briare came to nothing. 1. Many, the Upper Loire, the area from the source to the confluence with the Allier, the middle Loire Valley, the area from the Allier to the confluence with the Maine, about 280 km (170 mi), the Lower Loire, the area from Maine to the estuary, Loire maritime: 53 km from the Atlantic Ocean at, This page was last edited on 18 March 2021, at 08:39. [42] The French government adopted the Natural Loire River Plan (Plan Loire Grandeur Nature) in January 1994, initiating the decommissioning of three dams on the river. La Mare à Saint-Marcellin-en-Forez. House in the middle of nature, in a renovated farm. Forgés et construits entièrement à la main. RD 137 (3,751.90 mi) L'Oie, France, 85140 . The Gauls arrived in the valley between 1500 and 500 BC, and the Carnutes settled in Cenabum in what is now Orléans and built a bridge over the river. La forge de la rivière. In 853 they attacked and destroyed Tours and its famous abbey, later destroying Angers in raids of 854 and 872. At high flows and in the upper reaches the fraction of the green algae decrease and the phytoplankton is dominated by diatoms. [1], The Loire hosts about 64% of nesting bird species of France, that is 164 species, of which 54 are water birds, 44 species are common for managed forests, 41 to natural forests, 13 to open and 12 to rocky areas. Many have been taken over by a local government authority or the giant structures like those at Chambord are owned and operated by the national government and are major tourist sites, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The Loire flows through the following départements and towns: The Loire Valley in the Loire river basin, is a 300 km (190 mi) stretch in the western reach of the river starting with Orléans and terminating at Nantes, 56 km (35 mi) short of the Loire estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. Weinberge, Weinhäuser und Weinkeller der Champagne (2015, K), Der Titel dieses Artikels ist mehrdeutig. Bois de la Rivière ist ein Wald in Centre-Val de Loire und hat eine Höhe von 117 Meter. A salmon restoration program was initiated in the 1980s and included such as measures as removal of two obsolete hydroelectric dams and introduction of juvenile stock. In the marshy lands, ash, alder and willows are grown with duckweed providing the needed natural fertilizing effect. [1], The geological formations in the Loire river basin can be grouped into two sets of formations, namely, the basement domain and the domain of sedimentary formations. Bergbaugebiet Nord-Pas de Calais (2012, K) | [17][18], In the 1530s, the Reformation ideas reached the Loire valley, with some people becoming Protestant. Remarquez la difference de couleur des eaux se mélangeant. [46] There was further refinement in the design of the châteaux in the 15th century before the Baroque style came into prominence with decorative and elegantly designed interiors and which became fashionable from the 16th to the end of the 18th century. Bienvenue à la forge de la rivière. A key transportation route, it served as one of the great "highways" of France for over 2000 years. Entdecke die schönsten Orte, lade GPS-Tracks herunter und folge den Top-Routen auf einer Karte. The Upper Loire includes the Sauvignon blanc dominated areas of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. Arts & Crafts Store in Couëron, Pays De La Loire, France. Lyon (1998) | Français : La Sumène (rivière, Haute-Loire) débouchant à Peyredeyre dans la Loire. pp 8–27, for the navigable section (guide in English, French and German), This article is about the river. The three streams converge to form the Loire, which descends the valley south of Mount through the village of Sainte-Eulalie itself. couteaux artisanaux. 483 people follow this. In the 9th century, the Vikings began invading the west coast of France, using longships to navigate the Loire. [40] The reason for this is its sheer length and possibility of extensive navigation, which severely limits the scope of river conservation. After considerable conflict in the region, in 898 Foulques le Roux of Anjou gained power.[14]. [12] In 877 Charles the Bald died, marking an end to the Carolingian dynasty. For other uses, see, The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes, Château féodal de Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire, Château de Montsoreau-Museum of Contemporary Art, "Fiche cours d'eau - la Loire (----0000)", Navigation details for 80 French rivers and canals, Waterways In Western Loire – Free Online Travel Brochure,, Articles containing Occitan (post 1500)-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2011, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2017, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Was defeated by England. Dat artikel goat over de riviere de Loire. Entlang der Loire stehen vier Kernkraftwerke, die von der französischen Gesellschaft Électricité de France (EDF) betrieben werden: Belleville, Dampierre, Saint-Laurent und Chinon. Weitere Bedeutungen sind unter, Regionalen Naturpark Loire-Anjou-Touraine, ersten (Pferde-)Eisenbahn des europäischen Kontinents, Gewässerinformationssystem Service d’Administration National des Données et Référentiels sur l’Eau (französisch), The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes, Römische und romanische Denkmäler von Arles, Plätze Stanislas, de la Carrière und d’Alliance in Nancy, Straßburg: von der Grande-Île zur Neustadt, Das architektonische Werk von Le Corbusier, Kathedrale Notre Dame, ehemalige Abtei Saint-Remi und Palais du Tau in Reims, Golf von Porto: Piana Calanche, Golf von Girolata und Naturschutzgebiet Scandola, Weinberge, Weinhäuser und Weinkeller der Champagne,, Wikipedia:Defekte Weblinks/Ungeprüfte Archivlinks 2019-09, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Sie feiern alle zwei Jahre (in ungeraden Jahren) in Orléans und anderen teilnehmenden Orten das Festival de Loire. Region: Centre-Val de Loire: Department: Loiret: Arrondissement: Pithiviers: Canton: Malesherbes: Intercommunality: CC Pithiverais-Gâtinais: Government • Mayor (2014-2020) Olivier Citron: Area. In den Ballungszentren haben sich viele Industriebetriebe niedergelassen, die die Wasserkraft und Transportmöglichkeiten auf und an der Loire nutzen. [49], The Loire Valley has a high density of vine plantings with an average of 4,000–5,000 vines per hectare (1,600–2,000 per acre). La Rivière, Weiler, ist in Pays de la Loire. Die Einwohner werden Moisdonnais genannt. Comme la plupart des cours d'eau issus des monts du Forez, la Mare est une rivière abondante. Get Directions +33 2 51 66 18 77. 692 people follow this. At a certain point during the long history of uplift in the Paris Basin, the lower, Atlantic Loire captured the "palaeo-Loire" or Loire séquanaise ("Seine Loire"), producing the present river. Nice restaurants in the cities around and local producers on the open market of Loches on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Bien que son premier affluent l’Aigue Nègre ait parcouru 4 km à la confluence contre 2,5 km pour la Loire, ses trois sources sont considérées être en Ardèche sur la commune de Sainte-Eulalie, au pied du Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc dans le Massif central. The Loire at Montsoreau, J. M. W. Turner, 1832, Château de Montsoreau-Museum of Contemporary Art. Bordeaux, Port de la Lune (2007) | In addition to finding vineyards along the Loire, several of the river's tributaries are also well planted—including the Allier, Cher, Indre, Loir, Sèvre Nantaise and Vienne Rivers. Their total mass is low when the river flow exceeds 800 m3/s (28,000 cu ft/s) and become significant at flows of 300 m3/s (11,000 cu ft/s) or lower which occur in summer. Zeichne deine eigene Strecke mit der App auf, lade den Trail hoch und teile ihn mit der Community. [11] They built megaliths to worship the dead, especially from around 3500 BC. [42] As a result, the WWF and other NGOs established the Loire Vivante (Living Loire) network in 1988 to oppose this and arranged an initial meeting with the French Minister of the Environment. [48], The châteaux, numbering more than three hundred, represent a nation of builders starting with the necessary castle fortifications in the 10th century to the splendour of those built half a millennium later. The name "Loire" comes from Latin Liger,[8] which is itself a transcription of the native Gaulish (Celtic) name of the river. River traffic increased gradually, with a toll system being used in medieval times. Hydrologie. [1] Moisdon-la-Rivière ist eine französische Gemeinde mit 1.960 Einwohnern im Département Loire-Atlantique in der Region Pays de la Loire; sie ist Teil des Arrondissements Châteaubriant-Ancenis und des Kantons Châteaubriant. [42] Due to extensive lobbying, the proposal and the other dam proposals were eventually rejected in the 1990s. This avifauna has been rather stable, at least between the 1980s and 2000s, with significant abundance variations observed only for 17 species.