... La Fête du Rosé. La Fête du Rosé, $25. La Fête Rosé #LaFete #Rosé #Inclusivity #GivingBack #Roséallday #BrandBuilding. We need more Black-owned wineries, importers, and distributors in this country. Produced in the heart of St. Tropez. As the name gives away, it's a rosé wine label. Rosé has been the go-to wine of summer for the past few years. Salcito described the line as having options that are "bright, fruity and [at] an accessible price point." Below you will find a list of Black-owned wineries you can visit and buy wine from today. ... La Fête du Rosé, Côtes de Provence, St. Tropez 2018 This day-bright, salmon-hued rosé offers stone fruit and berry aromas that are waterfall-fresh on the nose. The pastel, salmon-pink wine asserts itself charmingly on the nose with agreements of dried fruits, bonbon, and hazelnut. The Clark Atlanta University then Georgia Tech alumnus has just launched, La Fête du Rosé, the first entirely Black-owned premium rosé out of Saint-Tropez, France where the wine originates. Product Description. An attendee snapped a great tasting shot during SoSMV2018! Buy: Buy La Fête du Rosé at $24.00 Best Black-Owned Beer Brand: Green Bench. Black-owned. This year’s tasting event (held annually in Martha’s Vineyard) will serve as a unique opportunity to share in the love of all things culinary paired with wine from several premium award-winning black-owned vineyards. The brand's namesake bottle, La Fête du Rosé, starts at $25. Bottle size: 750ml. In collaboration with Domaine Bertaud Belieu Winery, Burston’s La Fête du Rosé was inspired by … With more than 30 states, including some of our La Fete Du Rosé cities experiencing increases in new # COVID19 cases and a slowdown of reopening, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 La Fete du Rosé events in all cities. Check out the La Fête du Rosé. For that reason, the company donates a portion of proceeds from every bottle sold to programs for underrepresented youth. La Fête du Rosé, as he explains, is a more of a traditional rosé and leans towards the dry side. Salcito and Douglas recommended La Fête du Rosé. La Fête du Rosé, Saint Tropez, France It all began with a party. La Fête du Rosé is the perfect blend of Grenache, Mourvèrde, & Syrah. Founder Donae Burston saw a void and created a brand for the multicultural demographic. It’s officially the beginning of summer (even though it’s felt like summer in Miami for a while), which means it’s time for long Rosé-filled days outdoors. La Fête du Rosé at SoSMV2020! La Fête du Rosé. Now, his wine is for sale in D.C., too. This pastel pink wine is bold and refreshing with every sip, and has delectable notes of dried fruit, bonbon and hazelnut. La Fête du Rosé, St Tropez, France 'La Fête du Rosé' or 'The Rosé Party' as it translates, was a name specifically chosen by founder Donae Burston as a direct response to what he saw as a gaping void. After 15 years of working in the beverage industry, Donae Burston decided it was time to create a rosé brand truly geared towards multicultural consumers. Support Black-owned wineries! To toast to the occasion, I grabbed a bottle of La Fête du Rosé 2018. “La Fête du Rosé is the first entirely Black-owned rose out of St. Tropez, France. La Fête du Rosé is the first Black-owned rosé from St. Tropez, France, made from sustainable Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah grapes. ... La Fête is harvested in the oldest vineyard on the Saint-Tropez peninsula and is proudly the first black-owned brand from the region. https://travelnoire.com/donae-burston-la-fete-du-rose-gives-back ‘I was on holiday having lunch with a group of friends: black, white, Hispanic, Asian, French, South African. Yes, you are correct. Green Bench. He's responsible for bringing the first Black-owned rosé label from Saint-Tropez to the United States. La Fête is a premium rosé wine label geared towards multicultural consumers who have a thirst for life, travel and wine. Baltimore native Donae Burston is the man behind the first Black-owned rosé label out of St. Tropez, France. Black-owned rosé wines. The drinks industry continues to be overwhelmingly dominated by white people, yet there are a growing number of Black-owned operations making serious waves. Please Drink Responsibly. Baltimore native Donae Burston is the man behind the first Black-owned rosé label out of St. Tropez, France. Founded by Donae Burston, this Black-owned wine label is produced in collaboration with notable… From the heart of St. Tropez, La Fête is a premium rosé label that’s sure to be your drink of choice all summer long. There are not nearly enough wineries on this list. Earlier this month, Wine and Spirits Industry veteran, Donae Burston, launched a brand new, black-owned premium rose wine label geared toward the multicultural millennial. Donae Burston, founder of La Fete du Rosé, is pushing back against tired rosé stereotypes. Despite his struggles in marketing the label, the wine now stands as the only Black-owned brand being produced in Saint-Tropez, France. Now, his wine is for sale in D.C., too. This summer, why not try a bottle from some of these excellent Black-owned labels?